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‘Al-Qaeda Of West Africa’: African Leaders Pledge ‘Total War’ On Boko Haram – 17 May 2014

RT logoWest African leaders have agreed to club together to wage war on Nigeria’s Boko Haram. The decision was made during a summit hosted by French President Francois Hollande in Paris. The US, France, and the UK have vowed to help Nigeria with intelligence.

The summit brought together Hollande and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, as well as the presidents of Cameroon, Niger, Chad, and Benin. Representatives from the US and UK were also present.

The West African nations vowed to wage war on the Islamist militant group, which they say now has links to Al-Qaeda.

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Gunmen Attempt To Enter Ukraine’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant – 17 May 2014

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Ukrainian police stopped a group of armed men from entering Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, located in southeastern Ukraine. In video footage allegedly showing the attempted break-in, the men say they are members of the Right Sector group.

The gunmen were stopped Thursday at the entrance of the city of Energodar, near Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, the facility’s press service said in a Friday statement on its website.

The power plant’s authorities said the incident did not affect the station’s operations. However, security at the plant and throughout Energodar has been heightened.

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ZeroHedge – Spot The Difference: Brazil’s World Cup Security Edition – 17 May 2014

ZeroHedgeThere are a few images that scream to mind when one thinks about Brazil – dazzling soccer footskills, illustrious dancing, and of course dark-skinned, scantily-clad females… but as The World Cup draws near for the soccer-savvy nation, there will be another image that will likely dominate the headlines

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ZeroHedge – Bill Clinton’s Epic Double-Cross: How “Not An Inch” Brought NATO To Russia’s Border – 17 May 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog,

American foreign policy is mindlessly driven by the machinery of our Warfare State – a vast accretion of economic, diplomatic, spying and military capabilities which are ceaselessly in search of missions and justifications for their colossal call on the nation’s resources. If you don’t believe that just read Ray McGovern’s succinct summary below of the US’s epic double-cross of Russia on NATO.

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Self-Proclaimed Donetsk Republic To Ignore Ukraine Presidential Poll – PM – 17 May 2014

RT logoThe self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) won’t participate in the election of the Ukrainian president on May 25, says the new prime minister of the breakaway region in the East of the country.

There won’t be any presidential elections on the territory of the republic,” announced Aleksandr Borodai, who was elected leader of the self-proclaimed republic on Friday.

Donetsk, along with the neighboring Lugansk region proclaimed self-rule on Monday, after May-11 referendums, which were called illegal by Kiev and the West.

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UK To Run Out Of Oil, Gas And Coal In Five Years – Report – 17 May 2014

RT logoNew research from the Global Sustainability Institute has found that Britain, France and many other European countries have low reserves of fossil fuels, and their home grown energy could be entirely reliant on imports in several years.

The study found that the UK has just 5.2 years of oil, 4.5 years of coal and three years of gas before it completely runs out of fossil fuels, said the researchers at the Institute based at Anglia Ruskin University, in the East of England.

France is also in poor shape with less than a year’s worth of fossil fuels in reserve, and Italy has a single year of oil left and less than a year of gas and coal, but France unlike its southern neighbor generates almost 80 percent of its electricity from nuclear power.

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Jon Rappoport – The Three Faces Of The Wizard – 17 May 2014

jon7In the year 2081, the civilization of North America United collapsed.

There are various notions and tales about what happened. As nearly as we can understand it, electronic technology ceased to operate.

Thus came The Blank Period, which lasted two hundred years. How it ended provides an interesting lesson.

In a small walled city called Dallas Four, a man living in a cave found a fragment of a document titled The Wizard With Three Faces. The fragment reads: Continue reading

Tuesday Blast Death Toll Passes 300, New Fire In Destroyed Turkish Mine – 17 May 2014

RT logoTwo more miners’ bodies were found in west Turkey on Saturday, bringing the death toll from Turkey’s worst ever mining disaster up to 301, according to the country’s energy minister. The explosion and fire in Soma on Tuesday triggered nationwide protests.

The two bodies are thought to be the last that will be recovered from the mine. They were discovered shortly after a new fire began, reported Reuters.

“The newly discovered workers will be brought up and given back to their families. If there is no further demand and, the information we have backs that up, then we will have finished our search work,” Taner Yildiz stated, as the rescue operation wound up.

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Russia To Exchange Antidrug Data With BRICS Countries – 17 May 2014

RT logoRussia’s counter-drug agency is set to establish permanent ‘hot lines’ with the anti-narcotics police of BRICS member countries to exchange timely information and evaluate the influence of drug trafficking on the association’s member states.

“We’ve made a decision to create mechanisms of strategic cooperation, establish ‘hot lines’ and appoint coordinators in BRICS member states,” announced Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service (FDCS).

The decision was announced during the concluding ceremony of the international two-day anti-drug conference. Last summer, during a similar international anti-drug law enforcement conference in Moscow, representatives of the BRICS member states agreed to create a working group to develop an agreement on joint counteraction of illegal drug trade.

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NaturalNews – Living In The ‘Hood Now A Disease, Says CDC: ‘Hood Disease’ Caused By Urban Stress – 17 May 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Is it real or is it another politically correct attempt by a federal government entity to provide an excuse for poor choices, poor performances or poor government education practices and standards?

It’s hard to say at this stage, but nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared that life in the inner city can create a health problem which then makes it tougher for young people there to learn.

The health problem? “Post-traumatic stress disorder,” the same condition that a number of soldiers returning from battle and victims of physical harm from crime have developed. Continue reading