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Bill Ballard – Back Home In Mississippi And Finally Understanding Why – 15 May 2014

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Blue Bird Flu: Social Networks Addiction Is ‘Chronic Disease,’ Psychiatrists Say – 15 May 2014

RT logoConstantly checking your Facebook and Twitter accounts? Internet addiction has long been disputed as one of the mental disorders of our age – now scientists warn that social networks overuse is a serious illness demanding treatment.

The issue is being discussed at the World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP) taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

All kinds of addictions are chronic recurring diseases, says Evgeny Krupitsky, chief drug therapist for the Leningrad region.

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Vladimir Putin’s Declaration To Foreign Leaders On Ukrainian Gas Crisis – 15 May 2014

RT logoVladimir Putin addressed foreign leaders in a declaration urging the EU to do more to help resolve the Ukrainian gas debt and support the economy of the crisis-hit state.

Dear Colleagues,

In early April we suggested immediate consultations in order to work out a coordinated approach to stabilize the Ukrainian economy and ensure stable deliveries and transit of Russian natural gas in accordance with contractual terms.

Over a month has passed. Consultations with the representatives of a number of non-EU countries have taken place in Moscow, in which our partners told us they completely shared our concerns over the situation with Ukrainian payments for gas deliveries from the Russian Federation, and risks arising from insufficient amounts of gas being kept in Ukrainian underground storage.

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FCC Moves Forward With New Net Neutrality Rules Amid Protests – 15 May 2014

RT logoThe Federal Communication Commission voted Thursday morning to move forward with proposed rules for net neutrality that may affect the concept of an open internet as it exists today.

Led by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the committee agreed by way of a three-two vote during a hearing in Washington, DC early Thursday to open up recently proposed rules concerning the future of net neutrality for comment, effectively allowing interested parties 120 days beginning immediately to weigh in on those recommendations ahead of a final decision expected later this year.

The Wheeler-authored proposal addresses problems that gave way in January when a federal appeals court reversed an earlier ruling, in turn deciding that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, can legally prioritize some web traffic over others. In response, Wheeler circulated among his committee a notice of proposed rulemaking that addressed the DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ remand of portions of the Commission’s 2010 Open Internet Order and offered “enforceable rules to protect and promote the opein nternet.”

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Peter, Lucas, Colin And Rena – Double Dutch Radio Show Reminder Friday 16 th – 15 May 2014

ddlogo Friday 16 May 2014 SHOW REMINDER – LISTEN IN!

This week there is NO Viewpoint in the now but a spiritual talk by Lucas.

Link to show (sorry, before I posted the link to the last weeks show..now corrected it!)

The Show starts on the times shown below.

Friday the 16th May of 2014 is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in! Call in with your questions!

NEW TIMES: Due to the change day light savings …. times and ongoing schedule problems with blogtalk.

Show starts NewYork -EDT at 7.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 13.00 pm – and  21.00 pm Canberra Australia EST time.

Call in to speak with the host (646) 595-2459

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Visa, MasterCard To Pay $3Bn To Stay In Russia – Morgan Stanley – 15 May 2014

RT logoUnder Russia’s new legislation, Visa and MasterCard will have to pay $3 billion in ‘security fees’ to continue operating in Russia, more than five times higher than the companies combined revenues, a new Morgan Stanley report says.

Under the new plan, Visa will be required to pay Russia’s Central bank $1.9 billion, and MasterCard will have to fork out $1 billion, according to an estimate by Morgan Stanley, Kommersant reported on Thursday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on foreign payment systems on May 5 that requires foreign payment systems to be levied at 25 percent of an average amount of transfers profit during one calendar day in Russia, to be paid each quarter to the Central Bank. The law will be enacted on July 1.

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Ukrainian APCs Open Fire At RT’s Video Agency Crew Near Kramatorsk – 15 May 2014

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According to RUPTLY’s producer, the journalists were en route to the town of Dmitrovka, some 30 kilometers from Slavyansk. As they were about 10 kilometers from their final destination, Kiev’s APCs “came out of nowhere” and “opened fire for no apparent reason.”

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Kiev Protégé Allegedly Behind Mariupol And Odessa Massacres – Leaked Tapes – 15 May 2014

RT logoTwo leaked tapes have emerged on the internet where Kiev-appointed governor allegedly threatens an ex-presidential candidate who called for a referendum. The official may also be behind the Odessa massacre and Mariupol shootings, the leak adds.

On the first tape, which appeared on May 14, an oligarch and governor of the city of Dnepropetrovsk in southeastern Ukraine, Igor Kolomoisky, allegedly called ex-presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev and started threatening him. He told Tsarev to leave Ukraine immediately, saying it was in connection with the killing of Bogdan Shlemkevich, a soldier from Ukraine’s National Guard on May 9 in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine. He was shot in clashes between anti-government protesters and soldiers sent by Kiev in an ‘antiterrorist’ operation in eastern Ukraine.

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SustainablePulse – Russian Lawmakers Want To Impose Criminal Liability For GMO-Related Activities – 15 May 2014

https://i0.wp.com/sustainablepulse.com/wp-content/uploads/sp_logo_long_3.pngRussian lawmakers want to equate GMO-related activities that may harm human health or even cause death to terrorist acts and impose criminal liability on producers, sellers and transporters of genetically modified organisms, the newspaper Izvestia writes in its Thursday issue.

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China ‘Opposed To Sanctions Of Any Kind’ Over Ukraine – 15 May 2014

RT logoChina never believed in economic sanctions as a way to solve problems, so it will be very wary of participating in any sort of sanction action against Russia over Ukrainian crisis, George Koo, founder of International Strategic Alliances, told RT.

RT: China opposes sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. Why do you think China is taking this position?

George Koo: I think it is a very consistent long-standing policy. They do not believe in confrontational sanctions as a way for international diplomacy. They think discussion and negotiation is the way to go. They have a fundamental principle which is opposed to sanctions of any kind.

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