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ZeroHedge – Slavyansk Clashes Kill 20 Rebels, Injure Dozens Of Civilians; White House “Extremely Concerned” Unrest Is Spreading – 5 May 2014

ZeroHedgeOngoing military operations in Slavyansk have left at least 20 rebels dead and dozens more civilians injured according to Interfax.


As RT reports, fatalities are on both sides with little progress reported one way or the other. The White House says it’s “extremely concerned” by the deteriorating situation in southern Ukraine. Perhaps more important for the average American citizen, Klitschko has decided to postpone his planned wedding to Hayden Panettiere due to the conflict… now it’s getting serious!!

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CIA’s Secret Weapons Cache Found In Texas – 5 May 2014

RT logoUsed as a storage and distribution facility to spread weapons to rebel fighters around the world – and also to prepare for the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion – the location of the CIA’s secret arms storage center has reportedly been identified in Texas.

According to the New York Times, that location is believed to be north of San Antonio, Texas, at the US Army facility Camp Stanley.

Over the years, the arms cache has been referred to simply as the “Midwest Depot,” but documents studied by the Times, as well as studies conducted by former CIA analyst Allen Thomson, seem to indicate the codename didn’t actually refer to the facility’s precise location.

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Brenda Hoffman – Your Joy is Yours Alone – 5 May 2014

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Summary of Brenda’s April 26, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: Those at the forefront are shifting faster and deeper daily. An apt analogy is a pre-cell evolving into a tooth or hair cell – part of the body, but with a unique role. What gives you joy is now your only path. As you evolve in new earth, your joy path may evolve also – just as was true as you became an adult. Each of you, including those newly awakened and those yet to awaken, is an important member of the Universal choir with the perfect voice/vibration for that choir. My next “Creation Energies” BlogTalkRadio.com show will be June 14, 2014 Continue reading

New Details Revealed In Scandal Surrounding Massive Meat Recall – 5 May 2014

RT logoNew details have emerged concerning a northern California slaughterhouse scandal that earlier this year prompted the United States Department of Agriculture to recall roughly 9 million pounds of meat.

Petaluma, CA’s Rancho Feeding Corporation made headlines back in February after the USDA began to recall around 8.7 million pounds of tainted beef carcasses, oxtail, liver, cheeks, tripe, tongue, veal bones and other exports that were shipped from the California slaughterhouse between January 1, 2013 and the second week of this year.

After investigating the goods, the USDA eventually blamed Rancho for shipping meat that was “unfit for human food,” later linked to have come from cancerous cows that were chopped and sold for beef with seemingly zero regard from Rancho’s staff. Earlier this month, documents obtained by CNN lead the news network to believe that Rancho was buying diseased dairy cows and simply processing them at times when government inspectors weren’t on site.

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OpEdNews – The Case of the Dead Brazilian Torturer Gets Murkier – 5 May 2014

OpEdNewsBy Michael Uhl  Posted by John Grant

They haven’t killed him yet.Paulo Malhaes, the confessed Brazilian torturer whose death I recently reported on this site may not have been murdered after all. At least that’s what police investigating the case have been loudly proclaiming for the past week.Read the full story at: www.opednews.com / link to original article

NATO’s Record 6,000-Strong Drills Kick Off In Estonia Amid Ukraine Tensions – 5 May 2014

RT logoNATO’s three-week ‘Spring Storm’ drills, involving a record-breaking number of 6,000 troops, have begun in Estonia. For the first time, a cyber security team from France is participating in the military exercises.

“This year’s Spring Storm brings together a record number of allied troops – infantry from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, soldiers from Latvia, soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team of the US army, as well as soldiers from Lithuania,” the Estonian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, Poland has sent three of its Sukhoi Su-22 attack aircraft and a division of missile defense system unit SA-8, which will be tasked with protecting an air base near Tallinn and the surrounding airspace.

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UN Committee On Torture Slams Vatican Over Child Sex Abuse – 5 May 2014

RT logoThe Vatican attempted to minimize its culpability over the Catholic Church’s child sexual abuse scandal as a UN committee on torture grilled the institution over it alleged “climate of impunity” which has prevailed for decades.

In a two-hour hearing in Geneva, the Committee Against Torture was unrelenting in its questioning of the Vatican delegation, asking about past policy decisions, the juridical distinction between the Holy See and Vatican City, and information on specific cases, Reuters reports.

The Vatican, which is set to issue a formal answer on Tuesday, said the church has been cleaning house for the past decade and was determined to protect children further with a series of measures, which they say has led to a decline in cases of sexual abuse by priests.

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Lisa Gawlas – Moving Out Of Kindergarten Into The Vast School Of Light!! – 5 May 2014

lisagawlas2Ya ever have days that just completely blow your mind from start to finish?  That was my (our) day all day long yesterday.  The connections, the energy thru the connections!!  Holy heaven batman!!  But even more exciting than that, is knowing… KNOWING we haven’t even really seen or experienced the tip of the iceberg in all that we have been able to do thus far!!

For me personally, I have dived deep into the world of energy, especially the human-energy relationship since my very beginning (more or less.)  I have dedicated myself, day in, day out over the last 13-14 years to take what I understand and know how to do deeper and further with each passing meditation and (eventually) clients.  And yet, the news, the information and progression of our abilities being revealed each day, in each connection, blows my freakin mind!!  What it really feels like to me, we just graduated kindergarten!!  We learned our A.B.C’s and 1,2, 3′s and now it is time to learn how to put them all together for greater use!! Continue reading

Nevada Lawmaker Demands Immediate Action Against ‘Armed Separatists’ At Bundy Ranch – 5 May 2014

RT logoThe United States congressman who represents most of Clark County, Nevada is calling on the state’s governor to intervene in the situation at Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch and “get rid of these armed separatists” who have stood guard there for weeks.

Although a land dispute between the 67-year-old cattle rancher and US Bureau of Land Management is relatively calm after escalating to the point of becoming an armed-standoff involving militiamen and the federal government in mid-April, at least one lawmaker is still upset about the situation in Bunkerville, NV.

The standoff between Bundy’s supporters and the BLM has indeed diminished in intensity, but Rep. Steven Horsford (D-District Four) told an audience at the Clark County Democratic Convention over the weekend that he thinks matters aren’t entirely resolved.

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$10,000 A Head: Radicals Put A Bounty On UK Journalist In Ukraine – 5 May 2014

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Ukrainian radicals have put a bounty out on RT stringer Graham Phillips, who is currently working in the east of the country. Also a camera-man working for RT in Odessa has been informed about being on the radicals’ radar.

“Myself I have received threats putting a bounty on my head to be kidnapped and that has been offered from [the city of] Dnepropetrovsk, as I understand, connected to the Right Sector,” Graham Phillips confirmed while reporting live from the city of Slavyansk.

The Right Sector reportedly offered $10,000 for the capture of “a Russian spy.”

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