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ZeroHedge – Ukraine Scrambles Figher Jets, Intercepts Airplane Carrying Russian Deputy Premier – 10 May 2014

ZeroHedgeA few short hours ago, a Russian delegation which contained the deputy premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin was flying back from Moldova’s capital Chisinau following his visit to Tiraspol as part of May 9 celebrations, when Ukraine scrambled fighter jets to intercept the Yak-42 carrying the Russian vice premier and forced it to promptly land back in Moldova.

The reason why this is surprising is that Rogozin was well aware in advance of taking off that Ukraine had closed its airspace to the Russian delegation.

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ActivistPost – Joe Wright – Outraged Albuquerque Citizens Demand Arrest Of Police Chief – 10 May 2014

Logo_activistpost-comAlbuquerque citizens continue to demonstrate that they have had enough of their increasingly violent police department. The Albuquerque Police Department has even had its acronym changed by residents to mean Another Person Dead.

The long-standing dissatisfaction reached a new level following the blatant execution of a homeless man that was passed off as justified by police chief Gordon Eden. You can see the video here and judge for yourself whether proper force was used in this case of “illegal camping.”

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Ukrainian Crisis: The Way Toward A Solution – 10 May 2014

RT logoAuthor: Dr Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Deputy foreign minister (2005-2011).

It is beginning clearer to everyone that the main responsibility for the crisis that emerged in Ukraine lies with the organizers of the coup d’état in Kiev in February.

The coup has launched the spread of extremism, violence and instability. The responsibility also lies with those who supported these actions financially and politically.

But while the crisis is deepening and the Kiev government continues to use its army against the Ukrainian people, we must look for solutions to end the crisis as soon as possible. That is why Russia urges the interim government to cease immediately its military operation in the East of Ukraine as the only way to stop violence in the whole country.

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Fracking’s Unexpected Side-Effect: Traffic Deaths On The Rise – 10 May 2014

RT logoFracking requires twice or three times as many truck trips per well as older oil and gas extraction techniques. That could be reason for drilling areas in US witnessing a significant spike in traffic fatalities, new analysis suggests.

The Associated Press has studied traffic death figures and US census data in six drilling states, and discovered that increased traffic fatalities is one side-effect of fracking, a controversial drilling technique, which means water, chemicals and sand are injected deep underground to break up rocks to free oil and natural gas there.

The report goes state by state, comparing fatal road accidents figures for the last several years in drilling counties to those in drilling-free parts of the states.

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CommonDreams – US Agents Whisked Out Of Yemen After Killing Two In Gunfight: Report – 10 May 2014

common-dreamsUS Agents Whisked Out of Yemen after Killing Two in Gunfight: Report

US Special Forces soldier and CIA agent reportedly killed two Yemeni men in botched kidnapping

– Jon Queally, staff writer

New reporting from the New York Times tells the story of how two U.S. agents—one from the CIA and the other a Special Forces soldier—were involved in a deadly incident more than a month ago that began in a barber shop in the Yemen capital of Sanaa and ended after two alleged assailants were killed in a gunfight. Continue reading

Lessons Of World War II Forgotten: Will Germany Be The Peacemaker? – 10 May 2014

RT logoThere is a grim irony that Gen. Philip Breedlove, the NATO Supreme Commander in Europe, should have announced that the alliance was considering permanently deploying troops in Eastern Europe only days before May 9.

This day is celebrated as Victory Day over Nazi Germany throughout Russia and other former Soviet republics.

For through World War II, the Russian, American and British peoples were all joined together in a desperate struggle for survival and then victory over the most monstrous tyranny in recorded history. And as Western leaders at the time, especially Winston Churchill, full and openly acknowledged, by far the greatest role and sacrifice in ensuring that victory over Nazism and fascism was suffered by the Russian people and the Red Army.
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Pope Francis: UN Should Encourage ‘Legitimate’ Redistribution Of Wealth – 10 May 2014

RT logoPope Francis has called on the UN to do more to help the poor and encourage the “legitimate redistribution” of wealth.

“In the case of global political and economic organization, much more needs to be achieved, since an important part of humanity does not share in the benefits of progress and is in fact relegated to the status of second-class citizens,” Francis told Ban Ki-Moon on Friday.

During his latest meeting with UN officials, the Pope said that despite the decrease in poverty, “the world’s peoples deserve and expect even greater results.”

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