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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 919 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 31 July 2014

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Continue reading


‘British PM Backs The Ukrainian Nazis And Threatens Moscow With A New War’ – Open Letter To Cameron – 31 July 2014

RT logoDavid Cameron’s article in The Sunday Times, presenting unfounded allegations against Russia, marks a major escalation in the Ukraine crisis, seeking to pull the EU into a war against Russia.

Until now, the warmongering campaign was led by US politicians and European officials who encouraged the Ukrainian Nazis they brought to power in Kiev to commit mass crimes against the people of eastern Ukraine – in order to drag Russia into the hostilities.

It’s the first time the leader of a key European country has called for a war against Russia. Against this backdrop, the Ukrainian army launched an operation to annihilate Lugansk and Donetsk, along with their residents.

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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 422 – 31 July 2014

AishaNorthYou have for a long time now been prepared to step fully back up to the helm and take over the rudder. In other words, you have been primed to reenter your roles as co-creators of this magnificent world of yours and now, we would like to add some additional information on the topic of said Creation. You see, you have in many ways been trained to focus in a direction that will enable you to literally overlook the obvious, but now your lenses have been corrected as it were, and it is time to once again turn your eyes to the very core. And when we say core, we mean that in a very literal way, for you have been well trained to focus on all of the fuzz and interference and static that has been brought into your line of vision, so you could not see through it even if you tried. But now the lines have been untangled and the smoke has been aired out, and so, you must once again begin to focus in the right direction. Continue reading

Data Stored Overseas Should Be Accessible To US Government, Judge Rules – 31 July 2014

RT logoA federal judge in New York City sided with the United States government on Thursday and said that Microsoft must comply with a search warrant compelling the corporation to surrender customer data it stores overseas.

The multi-national computer company has for months now refused to turn over emails and other digital content requested by authorities in the US because the information in question, Microsoft insists, is kept on data servers physically located in Ireland. Previously, Microsoft said in a statement that “a US prosecutor cannot obtain a US warrant to search someone’s home located in another country, just as another country’s prosecutor cannot obtain a court order in her home country to conduct a search in the United States.”

But District Judge Loretta Preska ruled from a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday that, contrary to the company’s objections, Microsoft must produce the information sought pursuant to a US-based investigation.

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‘Accusation Drive’ – Indonesia President Slams Australia’s Gagging Order Exposed By WikiLeaks – 31 July 2014

RT logoIndonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has rejected Australia’s attempt to cover up an alleged multinational corruption case. He said that the gagging order on the matter that could implicate him may only “trigger suspicions and accusations.”

WikiLeaks released a document Wednesday that it said was a court order issued by the Supreme Court in Melbourne on June 19.

According to the document, the court had banned any disclosure or publication of information concerning 17 current and past heads of state, politicians and other senior officials of Malaysia, Indonesia or Vietnam in connection to court proceedings of alleged multibillion-dollar briberies.

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Russia Rebuffs NATO Over Nuclear Missile Treaty – 31 July 2014

RT logoThe Russian Foreign Ministry has sharply criticized NATO’s Secretary General for intervening in the row over the INF nuclear missile treaty, pointing out that NATO was not a signatory, but that the alliance’s member states could always join.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has sharply criticized NATO’s Secretary General after he intervened in the row over the INF Treaty that banned certain ballistic and cruise missiles, pointing out that NATO was not a signatory to the treaty, but that the alliance’s member states could always join it.

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Crop Circle ♥ Etchilhampton Hill (1) ☼ Wiltshire, UK – 7/27/14 – 31 July 2014

Uploaded on 30 July 2014  by Joan Wheaton THANKS to Crop Circle Connector SOUNDTRACK ‘All Things Considered’ by Lovira PHOTOS Crop Circle Connector, Lucy Pringle, Horace Drew DIAGRAM http://www.maya48.com INTERPRETIVE FRAMES Red Collie (plus one ‘unknown’)

TheUKColumnNews – A New Bill Of Rights -Or- Why Human Rights Are So Dangerous – 31 July 2014

UK Column

By Mike Robinson

David Cameron intends to introduce a new “law” which will, according to the Daily Express, make clear that the UK Parliament is “supreme”.

Cameron is using the European Convention on Human Rights as the “problem” for which his solution is to throw out the British Constitution. His intention is to give the appearance of being anti-EU in order to undermine Common Law and impose Euopean styld human rights legislation in the guise of a “new bill of rights”.

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ZeroHedge – Is JPMorgan About To Bailout Argentina? – 31 July 2014

ZeroHedgeUpdate: According to Ambito the deal is a no go as Italian bondholders (and likely all others) claim that a private deal with a buyer of holdout bonds would also trigger the RUFO clause, thus making the deal meaningless and forcing Argentina to payout billions more. From Ambito:

Italian bondholders say a private agreement also would trigger the clause RUFO

The representative of a group of debt holders Argentina Italy, Tulio Zembo said that any agreement between private RUFO also would trigger the clause.

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Confirmed: CIA Spied On Senate Staff – 31 July 2014

RT logoThe head of the Central Intelligence Agency apologized privately to lawmakers on Tuesday after an internal review revealed that CIA employees had secretly monitored, as alleged, the computer usage of certain Senate staffers.

Director John Brennan’s admission this week that members of his agency “acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding” among the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee came months after Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), the chairperson of that panel, complained on the floor of Congress that her staff had been subjected to covert monitoring as they worked on an official investigation into the CIA’s now defunct detention and interrogation practices. That report — a 6,300-page review of tactics employed by the CIA considered by some to be forms of torture — has yet to be made public.

Dean Boyd, a spokesperson for the CIA, told journalists at McClatchy that an investigation into Sen. Feinstein’s allegations led the agency to determine that some degree of wrongdoing did occur, and an additional review is now being undertaken to examine what action, if any, the agency will take.

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