Benjamin Fulford – Reader Posts – 21 March 2012

21 March 2012


Need your advice

Dear Benjamin,

I’d like to know your point of view about the position of the Turkey in
the global power battle. What do you know about the role of the turkish
secret service(s)?

Thank you very much in advance,


Answer Ben:

My understanding is that Turkey has purged the Sabbatean Luciferian network from the government, media and armed forces. However, Turkey is not in a position to defy the Pentagon. That is my understanding.

Benjamin Fulford


20 March 2012


Having Doubts…

Hi Ben,

I’ve been following your work now for a few months and although it’s
all very entertaining, I fail to understand how any logical person can
take you seriously…

1. Lord Blackheath Death – This could have easily been verified,
instead you choose to risk your credibility? Makes no sense that you
would just believe (and promote) this information without checking.

2. Gates/Geithner/Bush – Again, evidence? Do you expect people to just believe anything you say? These are big accusations! You would think
“The White Dragon Society” would be tracking/photographing these people, or at least be able to provide some kind of evidence?

3. 13th March Announcement – You could have saved yourself with this.
I am you will now blame this on the recent arrests.

4. Your Fee – The Internet’s principles of freedom are best seen in the form of Donations as opposed to subscriptions fee’s. Maybe this would help you concentrate on the quality of your information too.

Obama’s latest executive order is very worrying and indicates that nothing is about to change.

Lots of Love

“Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what a reputation is. You can’t control that. The only thing you can control is your character.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Answer Ben:

Thanks for contacting me and raising these questions. Allow me to respond.
First of all about reporting on Lord Blackheath’s death. A member of the Rothschild family called me and told me he had been killed. I then checked on Wikipedia and it reported that he died on February 29th. For that reason I reported his death on my blog for about 3 hours. As soon as London woke up, I called the House of Lords to confirm and their press office informed me he was still alive so I immediately issued a correction. The so-called “White Hats” group were the source of the disinformation sent my way about Lord Blackheath. They are trying to get their hands on the new financial system but are coming up empty handed. They have also been going around telling people I am a cocaine addict and “insane.” Notice they hide their names because they know they would be sued for slander if they made their claims on the record. Here is a message to them: “we know exactly who and where you are.”
To the best of my knowledge the Bushes, Geithner and Gates were all taken in for questioning because they were blocking the new financial system. That blockage may be about to end. People have called the PR representatives of Treasury, Microsoft and the Bush mafia to confirm this. Do not take my word for it though, call them yourself.
The March 13th announcement did take place but the “illuminati” and anonymous representative failed to show up because he claims he was poisoned. He is OK now though so his group is still planning to make an announcement.
As far as charging a fee is concerned, the fact of the matter is that me and my staff of 3 have living expenses to pay. When the site was set up, Japanese law did not allow us to accept charitable donations. Now that we have a foundation we can accept charity but the fact of the matter is that money is not being donated and we have bills to pay. The newsletter is available free of charge to anybody who asks for it.
It is disturbing to see the Obama executive order but to the best of my understanding the Pentagon and the agencies are on the side of the American people and will not allow Americans to be rounded up and killed or put into concentration camps.
Finally, we need to remember we are at war and we cannot be accountable for actions the Cabal takes to prevent the new financial system from starting.
Only really believe in things when you see them with your own eyes.
The White Dragon Society is trying to prove itself with actual results, not hollow announcements. Do not believe in us until you actually see the change happen.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Fulford

2 responses to “Benjamin Fulford – Reader Posts – 21 March 2012

  1. A little Confuse,
    Dear Ben,
    First of all, thank you for the hard work you put in, telling us about the Dark Cabal.I truelly appreciated your hard work. The part that I’m confuse about is were presently living in the 3D, and all talk about us shifting to the 5D, why are we skipping the 4D.
    Much Love and Light !