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Mike Shedlock “Mish” – “Eurozone Slides Back Into Recession” Says Markit PMI News Release – Sharp Decline in German Export Business – Misguided Decoupling Theories – 22 March 2012

Inquiring minds are digging into details of the latest Eurozone releases. The Markit Flash Eurozone PMI® says Eurozone slides back into recession as output falls at stronger rate in March Continue reading


Comman Dreams Staff – Anti-Austerity Mass General Strike Takes Portugal – Spain, Italy Are Next – 22 March 2012

Today in Portugal public services and transportation came to a halt, as unions enacted a 24-hour general strike for the second time in two months. The metros in Portugal’s largest cities have closed as well as major ports. The strike was called in reaction to austerity measures agreed upon by the government in return for a European bailout. Continue reading

Mass Resignations Up To 20,000+ – 22 March 2012

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SEC DATABASE http://www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml “corporations must report said resignations on Form 8-K, Item 5.02. From there, it was a simple matter of searching only Form 8-Ks within a specific range of dates, and including the boolean search terms “Resigns” and “Resignation”.”

Ellen Brown – The Shadow Bailout : How Big Banks Bilk US Towns And Taxpayers – 22 March 2012

Ellen BrownWall Street Confidence Trick: The Interest Rate Swaps that Are Bankrupting Local Governments

The “toxic culture of greed” on Wall Street was highlighted again last week, when Greg Smith went public with his resignation from Goldman Sachs in a scathing oped published in the New York Times.  In other recent eyebrow-raisers, LIBOR rates—the benchmark interest rates involved in interest rate swaps—were shown to be manipulated by the banks that would have to pay up; and the objectivity of the ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) was called into question, when a 50% haircut for creditors was not declared a “default” requiring counterparties to pay on credit default swaps on Greek sovereign debt.

For more reading see link:  http://www.commondreams.org link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – The Dreamer MUST Be Awake Within The Dream – Part 2 – 22 March 2012

I knew something huge was underway on our beloved earth.  Until this morning, I really had no clue how huge!  I am going to recap some things here about this last week, that I now understand more clearly.  I pray my words can make it as clear outwardly as I now understand it inwardly!

The sheer amount of solar flares released thru the first two weeks of March contained energy, codes and codex’s the earth has never before received.  All of it creating an atmosphere of energy the earth, nor any of her children experienced in any timeline until now. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Calm Before The Storm – 22 March 2012

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The temperatures have warmed, the birds are singing loudly announcing spring has arrived and all seems well, but let us not forget that a storm is indeed on its way and we need to awaken ourselves quickly. Most of you know me well enough by now to know I don’t write about this to create fear. I don’t give in to fear, but I also believe we all need to be ready for whatever comes our way. This is the crux of the battle now, this is the time where we make it or break it. This is the time we need all the light we can get to shine brightly from our love filled hearts. That is our greatest mission now, more than ever before. Hold love and light in your hearts. Continue reading

John Ward – Eurozone Unravelling : Blue Skies In The Media, Rain Heading For Spain – 22 March 2012

‘U.S. money-market funds sharply increased the amount of euro-zone bank debt they held last month, according to Fitch Ratings, a sign they believe the worst of the debt troubles are over.’ (WSJ)

‘The European Central Bank is falling behind on a €40bn asset purchase programme launched at the height of eurozone crisis, in a sign it could be dropped as a first step towards unwinding huge emergency support for the region’s financial system.’ (FT) Continue reading

Steve Beckow – NESARA : The Financial Side Of A World That Works For Everyone – 22 March 2012

I’m reposting this because of the interest in NESARA after having had a conversation with the ascended master on An Hour with an Angel, who started it all, oh, a few centuries ago, the Count of St. Germain.

NESARA (or the National Security and Economic Reformation Act, an act of the American Congress) is the name given to the planetary abundance program or wisdom economy that is waiting in the wings, ready to be given to the world, as soon as the cabal is escorted from the hall.  See the righthand column for much more on NESARA. (From July 27, 2011.) Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Freedom From Expectation – 22 March 2012

Mental March marches on!  Freedom and Expectation are themes that come up repeatedly in the years of LightBlasting.  The LightBlast is a channeled topic that assists Lightworkers toward empowerment, so as we heal the Self, we are supported in helping others.  Freedom is necessary for open, creative flow and sharing.  Expectation is a trap of limitation that is often justified by a mind that is led by egoic need.  As we release expectation, we are opening to freedom and solution that was not available before.  Expectation is present when fear is present, for one in expectation does not ‘expect’ that All is Well.  The out-of-balance ego justifies expectation as a good cause, improvement and a solution that everyone else just doesn’t know they want yet!  When you release expectation, you are allowing the unseen force of Love to inform choice and co-creation with Divinity begins.  It’s Namaste applied into action with All Life.  Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 22 March 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love which manifests itself as balance. This is an attribute that is extremely important for these changing times upon the Earth. Without the ability to maintain balance within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, it is very difficult for a person to function effectively in the World. Cultivating balance is a fine art that requires diligence and perseverance. It requires the knowing of Oneself, first and foremost – all your strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, preponderances, skills, talents, and abilities, including mental and emotional patterns that you may carry within your Being. Continue reading