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John Ward – Euroblown : What A Difference Seven Months Make – 30 April 2012

Der Spiegel, 5th October 2011: ‘What Greece needs is a new Marshall Plan’.

Athens News, 30th April 2012: ‘No new Marshall Plan for eurozone’.

The Athens News story states:

‘The European Commission on Monday dismissed as unfounded and speculation a report published by Spanish daily newspaper ‘El Pais’ alleging that the European Commission was examining a massive Marshall plan to boost economic growth in the Eurozone, worth 200 billion euros.’

So then, clearly a fall-off in commitment re this one. link to original article


A Real Failure Friday : Five Banks Fail In Worst Week Since April 2011 – 30 April 2012

The decline in financial failure has been one of the big themes of the U.S. economic recovery over the past few years. As a general rule, corporate bankruptcies, debt defaults, and bank failures have been decreasing steadily. But last Friday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s bank-closure SWAT teams partied like it was 2009, closing five banks and bringing the total number of failures to 2012. (The completed failed bank list can be seen here.) Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 30 April 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

Here we are, our daily sightings.

Some new formations appearing, no more only in the sky but even flying close to the ground.

And on the news… again!

Who was the one that said disclosure is not happening?

Well, don’t remember, must have been a long long time ago, somewhere in the Middleages. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Processing Out Loud – The Cogs Of Our Lives! – 30 April 2012

Boy oh boy this bridge taking us from here to there (April 28th thru May 3rd) I have decided was (at least for me) one last look at the hell that got me/us to here.

The turmoil of emotions, geez, I feel like I have taken an 11 year leap backwards, of course it all comes accompanied by the void too!  Nothing like processing your shit without your spiritual sweater on!  I have spent more time these last few days telling my ego “shhhhh, don’t think like that, that’s not nice!” That alone is work!! lol Continue reading

Lucas – Reflections Of Conscious Being – 30 April 2012

In a wave of happiness I found myself when I read beautiful testimonies of wonderful lightbeings I not knew before. I got to know them by what they told. I heard what they said and saw what they expressed. It better said feeling, feeling One with their  stories and One with them in being One.

It is not a vague thing nor crap. It is like coming home after having some beautiful experiences with friends  together and having a super time. Or it is like walking in nature and seeing the beauty that surrounds us. Or See it like  meeting new people who give you new insights and broaden your horizon. Then you come home and sit fulfilled on your  couch home and enjoy those moments again. Continue reading

Mark Snider – Ohio Exopolitics Radio Show – Tolec – 30 April 2012

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Andromeda Council

John Ward – Spanish Collapse : Last But One Piece Of The Doom Jigsaw About TO Be Slotted In – 30 April 2012

Spain, which was never going to need a ‘bad bank’ is in talks to assemble one.

The “bad bank” scheme is the latest attempt by the centre-right government of Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, to avoid a Troika-style rescue. This rescue is that last remaining thing that Spain was never going to have that hasn’t already been had. So the end is getting nearer.  Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Mother Earth’s Transition – 30 April 2012

I send my love as a sweet scented fragrance upon a warm wind to embrace you fondly.  Let yourself accept my love as it flows with such bliss and joy from my being to connect with your energy.  The expression of the Creator’s love from the heart, soul and entire being is one of the most beautiful and sacred blessings given to us all, let us rejoice in the expression of unconditional love emanating from our bodies with each new sunrise. I am the consciousness of Mother Earth, my deepest of blessings and dreams for your ascension are with you now. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What Is A Once In This Life Time Experience – 30 April 2012

God said:

Although happiness seems to elude you, you are following it. Cardboard cartons may be strewn, seeming to block your happiness. The cartons topple over. You jump around them or leap over them or fall in the midst of the toppled boxes, yet you get up, and you keep going. Something keeps you hopping even in Silence. Where does the energy you have come from? Continue reading

John Kettler – ETs/EDs Vindicated? 200 Officers To Chinese Missile Troops! – 30 April 2012

ETs/EDs Say “This Is Closest We’re Likely to Get To A Chinese Admission” (Of Losing 1000 Nuclear Missiles)

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the the Liberation Forces are delighted by multiple reports from highly sensitive sources indicating that the Chinese are transferring ~200 officers into the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army) elite 2nd Artillery Corps, which is responsible for China’s “Underground Great Wall” missile complexes  of MRBMs (medium range ballistic missiles) and ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles), formerly 5000 strong, but now down 20%, following the raid by the ETs/EDsContinue reading