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Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – Your Light Is Needed Now! – 30 November 2012

PatriciaHi Precious Heart,

Your time is at hand! We are in the midst of a momentous event on this planet that each and every one of us have been preparing to participate in for aeons of time.  I AM delighted that you are awake, and that you have volunteered to help lift Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth up the Spiral of Evolution to the next octave of our learning experience. Continue reading


2012 Turning-Point – The Rebirth Of Awareness – 30 November 2012

Uploaded by  LucidMaui on 25 February 2012 Various scholars discuss the importance of the precession of the equinox and it’s correlation to the Yuga cycle, the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian hieroglyphs and architecture, and Plato’s “Great year.” Are we at the end of a descending age of spiritual darkness? Is the turning-point December 21, 2012? (Thanks Andrea!)

Bill Ballard – Sounds Like Many Persons Are Describing Their Merkaba Finally Activating – 30 November 2012

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Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – December 2012 – 30 November 2012

ruth-rydenWell, here we are.  The month and year projected by the ancients as a turning point in the history of the Planet Earth.   The global transformation of weather frequencies, shifting of the plates, and the incomprehensible need for greed and power all over the world tells us this is so.  The gifts of the Magi created the concept of giving gifts to celebrate the Gift from God.  Unfortunately, this has turned into a marketing holiday, and greed now runs rampant.  This celebration should not just be about the birth of Jesus, but to celebrate the immense changes He brought and taught about into the hearts of humanity.  These changes are now ours to understand, accept, and transform into a better way of life for all of us.  Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Ron & Friends Discuss 2012 Awakening – 30 November 2012

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John Ward – Greece Fleeced : How The Athens ‘Elite’ Has been Taken For A Ride – 30 November 2012

greek-flagTwelve years of hard times…to get precisely nowhere

The Government of Antonis Samaras has signed up to a debt bailout plan that ensures it will have a bigger debt in 2022 than it had in 2009. This process has already cost the country billions, and is set to cost it even more – not to mention the socio-political cost of acute shortages, loss of services, unemployment, and the rise of extreme Parties. In this special essay, The Slog lays out the full hypocrisy of this futile attempt by the EU’s leaders to keep the single currency afloat.  Continue reading

John Ward – Official : Goldman Sachs Role In Eurozone Debt Fraud To Be Kept Secret – 30 November 2012

goldman sachsJust fancy that

The European Central Bank has won a ruling to refuse access to secret files showing how Greece used derivatives to hide its debt. They were guided in this scam by Goldman Sachs. Continue reading

Ron Head – Michael – Understand, Please, That Your Intuition Is The Voice Of Spirit – 30 November 2012


It is good that you opened yourself to the message from our dearest friend, Francis.  Please remain open to others.  We will continue to keep access to you clear as long as you keep to your preparation routines.

We highly value the reach and effectiveness of our trusted channels at this time.  They are performing wonderfully under very difficult circumstances.  Within short weeks now, they will find themselves suddenly with greater awareness, capabilities, and ease in their roles as all surrounding and inner resistance will be removed.  Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Starwater – 30 November 2012

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2012 Is Strange – Part 70 – 30 November 2012

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