Ariah Velasquez – 16 Things We Can Do To Experience Life As the New Earth – 5 March 2013


We now live in the New Earth, and there are some changes we can make through our own intent and focus to really feel the shift.  I have noticed some themes that we can live by that help create a real feeling that we are resonating and vibrating in the 5th dimension.

1. Get out into nature and connect with the wisdom there

2. Live as if you know we are one all the time

3. Listen to your feelings, not your head

4. Release resentments so you can take in as much light that is available

5. Do work you love and rest

6. Make choices from your intuition

7. Surrender to the flow and trust

8. Use the barter system when appropriate

9. Have compassion for those just “waking up” to reality

10. Accept the new paradigm by not wishing things were like they used to be

11. Realize some of the weather changes in your area are from the planet shifting its poles and direction soon

12. You are a leader in this movement so go out and share your insights with others

13. Reach out to those you feel aligned with…make an effort to connect for being around others with awakened minds will activate you in a good way more

14. Activate your new light codes and DNA through meditation, intent, and healing. There is a lot of light for your to claim now, just reach out and let it in!

15. Connect with the star brothers and sisters.  Realize we come from them.  We are not just human, but cosmic

16. You create your own reality. You do this through what you focus on and your thoughts.  Be conscious  that your thoughts have an impact on this world.  You are not just sitting alone in your thoughts if they are negative.  You are impulsing the field of matter.  Embrace your personal power

Blessings as you claim your mastery as a sovereign human being!

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.,

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