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Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? If you’ve been wanting to make a change in your life, just go for it! Don’t put it off waiting for the right time to do it. There is no right time but the present. Most of us tend to look upon change with dread and fear when instead we should look upon it with excitement and thanks. We need to learn how to welcome our opportunities to change with open arms and be filled with gratitude for the opportunity in the first place. Change means movement and movement means going forward, going with the flow of life. Look upon your lives as a blank canvas upon which you can paint whatever beautiful picture you choose to paint. We can do with our lives whatever we desire, all it takes is courage and a willingness to activate ourselves. Change will not come about just through thinking about it.

In order to fit into the new world emerging, we most likely have to make some changes and now is the time we need to be putting our energies into clearing and change. We cannot go forward into the new world still dragging behind us old baggage.  There is no place for ego drama and judgment in the new world. It is all about love and compassion and acceptance. We have a new moon coming up today, March 11 Monday, a good time to dive within and reconnect with ourselves and do some spring cleaning. What are we holding onto that is no longer necessary? How can we open ourselves up further and expose our hearts to the world? What can we do to become the best we can possibly be? Try spending some time with yourself and go after the answers. Your soul will thank you for it.

So often we feel stuck or bored with where we are in our lives and yet the thought of changing is seldom one we care to entertain. It is time to get past this out dated notion that change is scary. It’s only scary because that is what we have been taught to believe so we would stay confined in our lives and not grow outside the sides of the box we were in. It is not something to fear but rather we need to learn to welcome it. Feeling the sudden thrust of movement again in our lives is invigorating and the act of changing slightly or even dramatically who we are, opens new doors everywhere and life is suddenly seen through new eyes. The boredom and sameness drop away and we are challenged to become part of the new shift and all it entails. It becomes a breath of fresh air.

Old beliefs such as change must always entail fear and angst, are the very types of beliefs we want to dump in the trash and move beyond! All these old, ingrained beliefs do, is hold us back from being and doing what we really are. It is crazy we feel a need to hold on so tightly to these old beliefs no matter how detrimental they are to us! We cannot be not so insecure we need to continue this insanity! We are powerful and strong and courageous and it is time we began living we if we were. There is no REAL fear in the unknown, only the fear we give it. As easily as we give fear to it, we can just as easily give excitement, it is all in how we want to view life and live life. As always, the choice is ours to make. Choose wisely! Start planning who you wish to be next and go for it! It is really just that simple.

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