Lee-Anne Peters – Sensing Spirit – 22 March 2012

Subtle energies are present everywhere around and even within us. We do have the opportunity to tune into some of these frequencies for a variety reasons. Some of these energies may be other forms of life (spirit guides, loved ones in spirit, power animals, star beings, angels etc) who can offer valuable guidance and help for us, from their more expanded levels of observation (in spirit). Often these spiritual beings have been ‘assigned’ to us to help us grow and expand; while sometimes these beings represent aspects of ourselves.
Many years ago I started building my connections to spirit and worked closely with several of my spiritual teachers. I communicated with them – like they were right there, and they pointed me into amazing new directions. These new directions, in hindsight, helped form solid foundations and understanding of where I am today. A little while later I realised these amazing beings were wanting me to draw them, so I started to bring them to life in that way and incredible things started to happen. Since those days I have drawn hundreds of spirit guides for people all over the world, have shared in dozens of workshops, courses and appearances and continue to work with my spiritual teachers every day. So how can you sense these powerful beings?

There are several different ways to sense subtle energies, and these are usually through at least one of four main ways – via your clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) or claircognizance (knowing). Everyone has at least one of these main senses, and all can be developed and fine-tuned over time – usually once your main sense has been developed well.
Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher what the messages are that we are receiving. Often they can be cryptic, symbolic or difficult to receive. If this is the case for you, continue to fine-tune YOUR main sense, and do your best not to reject it because you want one of the others – I see this a lot. Focus on what you are receiving, use your journal and do your best not to over-analyse, but just feel what is right. Having the confidence to trust what you sense and verbalising it to receive clarification can be a great boost to your self-esteem in this area. Many times you may feel that some important information is so close, yet it can be difficult to push past that fuzzy sound or strange image to find what’s behind it. The more you try, the more you push the ‘result’ away. Allow the message to come to you – when you are trying so hard, you are actually causing a barrier.
With focus, yet flexibility you will receive wonderful and clear messages in no time. Trust in your self and continue to practice through meditation, development classes or in your own time. There is no course you have to take, no procedure you have to follow – just allow yourself to be guided by your wonderful teachers in spirit!

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