Maureen O’Connell – Our Earth Is Birthing Her New Ascended State – 3 May 2012

Uploaded on 29 April 2012 by on youtube 3 Part series.

Long time ground crew member, Maureen O’Connell, just completed 3 You Tube clips entitled “OUR EARTH IS BIRTHING HER NEW ASCENDED STATE”. “My goal was to bring a message that connected the dots concerning the rash of earthquakes worldwide, the erratic winds, and the solar flares and CME’s coming with regularity to our planet.

Underneath the slides of nature which is calming and beautiful are very potent messages especially Clip 3 concerning Planetary Home-Make-over. The clips are not of doom or gloom but very educational and informative in a low key manner so many can absorb the information without going into fear. I hope you will pass this info in the form of the three Youtube clips to your widespread worldwide audiences as the awakening ones are looking for understanding and wisdom at this juncture.”

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