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John Ward – Euroblown : New Research Shows Youth Hold Key To Irish Fiscal Treaty Referendum – 18 May 2012

Similar syndrome seen to that in Greece

I don’t know if you have the same impression as me, but over the last fortnight I seem to have seen surveys in Ireland showing that Merkel’s Fiscal Treaty will be roundly rejected and overwhelmingly endorsed. A closer look, however, reveals a situation remarkably parallel to that in Greece three weeks ago: a huge proportions of the voters can’t make their minds up. They’re in two minds. So perhaps they need two votes. The old Irish saying, “Vote early and often” may apply. Continue reading


SaS – OP-Ed – When Will The Good Guys Appear? – 18 May 2012

Little Family,

Yesterday, our brother Alex and I were having a public chat about current events rapidly developing in the main stream media (I won’t use my more favorite and abrasive term “Lame Stream” media as brother Allen has pointed out that it was coined by Sarah Palin and, well, let’s not go there…good advice is good advice).  The U.S. and European banking system is collapsing.  We can see this.  Now, before you all go out and put on party hats, start blowing those little aggravating horns, and sopping up ice cream and cake, let’s just think about the implications of it all.  I’m not talking about the collapse of the Euro or the dollar or the disintegration of the European Union and all that geopolitical stuff.  I’m talking about the ever-increasing, ever-accelerating CHANGE that has become apparent to all of us.  In my post I commented on the inevitability of the J.P. Morgan’s descent into oblivion—the consequence of an inadequate management paradigm that continually rewarded 3rd density human arrogance, carelessness, and contempt.  To this Alex replied with a few technical observations that, after studying them, one would naturally assume a pattern was emerging in the organizational society of the West.  That pattern was the motif of systemic failure; the governance regime of the West is quickly becoming the archetype of inadequacy—a flagrant example of what NOT to do—eh?  We can see this because the “opposition” has chosen NOT to do it. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Layered Realities, The Transmutation Of Physicality And Our Participation In Lighted Rituals – 18 May 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The frequency of your bodies and of your experiences alike is increasing so very rapidly at this point, and this accelerated phase of your ascension process has been planned for quite a long time. You have been preparing for this period you are now currently finding yourselves in, as well as for the period directly ahead for there will be so very much happening that will make your heads spin and that you will need the preparation for that you have been giving yourselves and undergoing whilst in the sleep realms. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Incubation Within The Merging Of Past And Future Energy! – 18 May 2012

Are these days getting intense in the emotional field or what?  It seems the emotional field is running the gamut, from intense highs in some people to crashing lows in others and everything in between.  It seems these days are equally as unpredictable as well, at least in reading the field! Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive : Euro Banknotes Update : Berlin Printing New Euronotes (X) En Masse, ECB Withdrawing Greek Notes (Y) – 18 May 2012

ImageSlog’s Brussels mole clears up the riddle

“must mean Greek euroexit now seen as near-certainty”

Following this morning’s Slogpost about the dearth of Greek-origin euronotes (Y) and the torrent of new German versions (X) across the EU at the moment, I have been in contact with my regular Brussels informant. Since appearing, the piece that went up this morning has evoked a mass of emails to my Slog address, all of which have enabled further quantification of the fact that German notes are dominating supplies at the minute, while Greek versions are disappearing fast. Continue reading

John Ward – Crash 2: Why The Arrival Of The ‘Active ETF’ Bonanza Presages Armageddon – 18 May 2012

Huge trades show yet another sound idea being perverted by the Gods of Greed

A few months back, one of my favourite people in New York told me the Next Big Thing would be Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). She said the ‘big beasts’ desperate for a way to make a turn on something – anything – by trading them more actively were eyeing the sector carefully. Clearly, she didn’t approve: and she’s usually right about the important stuff. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – How Do You Look At Life? – 18 May 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Are you one of the people who see the glass half empty or the glass half full? Life is challenging enough without seeing it through negative eyes. Having  a positive attitude helps so much to keep you flowing safely down stream rather than fighting your way upstream against the current. There are several things we can do to help us flow through life more easily. One way is to always look for the good to come out of bad situations. It is always there to be found if we open our eyes and pay attention. It may not show up right away but it will show up. Often times when something bad happens to us, in the end when all is said and done, we realize things turned out for the best or even better than before, making a positive difference in our lives. It can be hard to see in the heat of the moment but over time it will reveal itself. Continue reading

James Wildman – The Real Matrix – 101 Reasons For Taking The Red Pill – About Veganism – 18 May 2012

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(Lucas: I recommend watching this video for your information.)

John Ward – European Banknotes : The Suddenly Missing Y Chromosome In Greece – 18 May 2012

ImageThe strange case of Y = 0

Some of you may recall a post of mine on the subject of how one tells the origin of euronotes by country, and how the Bank of Greece has gone into the business of printing its own unauthorised version.

At the time, I pondered at length during several posts as to why Mario in Frankfurt didn’t seem to be worried about it. Did he know anyway? some Sloggers asked: to which the answer is ‘Yes’, because each country issuing Toytown notes uses a prefix in the note number to denote the origin. Without that, the note isn’t legal tender. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 18 May 2012

We know that some of you wonder why it seems to have taken so long to get events started. Firstly we must tell you that the activities we are involved in are ongoing, and we have been fully occupied even if you are not aware of what we have carried out. Preparing for these end times is no mean task, and of course circumstances change which we have to adapt to. Plus the dark Ones have been more difficult to remove than we anticipated. However, now that we have been given the authority to take direct action against them, our presence is being felt and our results rewarding. Continue reading