Lucas – The Love Rollercoaster – 5 September 2012

I was  working with some people as mediator to  clear things that needed to be resolved and  in so doing making way for love to appear again. I was again made clear what a ride we have on this track of the most wonderful, obnoxious, scary and bizarre rollercoaster of life. 

We turn around , are turned up side down and are shackin by the rapid movements,  we get scared or are  in ecstasy, we see ourselves gliding through the airwaves of the ride. We have on our way  seen so many things from so many angles and from so many views. All is dazzling.  We have made in short a ride of a lifetime.

Yes it is an analogy of what we are going through now. We  feel as if things are at different speeds. It is like you seeing parallel lives next to you or  on parallel timelines or in other multidimensions.  It is strange that all still is like the track of the rollercoaster all on the same ride finding its mutual endpoint.

The convergence of all towards our endpoint is in believing things happened already or have to happen later not relevant as all will, even if you think it is not, converge to the one same endpoint.  Therefore be not harsh on your brother and sisters walking their speed, their believed parallel truth of time or passing of events.

There is only love that is the motor and the drive of this ride towards the end. Loving unconditional all,  even off or on the for you felt timeline, is the crux. Just know we all are one and will have to return to oneness. This will happen for all with our without in time thought detours, time thought differences or divisions as all is still part of the one that will balance out in the endpoint.

How many rides you take or even experience as different it is all just a truth of the one. The one truth of all.  Still lots are thinking of promoting duality by materialism, ego and exclusion of people in many ways. Still those thinking to go other ways are still on track to the same endpoint. And all will arrive there.

The decreed oneness and heaven on earth is coming true regardless of what thought of dimension or time, parallel or not experience you have or seek. Al is just out playing that what is like a duel in a shadow dance of dark and light. It is difficult to see nothing is bad or good in essence as it is all expression of gods learning process of duality upon earth.

The rollercoaster of life is one of love that will lead you in all your old paradigms and beliefs, all your old karma and learning processes to that what is ONE and ONlY unconditional LOVE.  Do take your ride and enjoy it till the end and we will meet each other maybe on our rides or at the endpoint to make the choice, the choice of returning to source, home  or going into exploring the new cycle.

All will be clear soon,

Love and Light,


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