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Bill Ballard – Updates From Asheville Star Knowledge Gathering – LOVE – 22 September 2012

Bill Ballard ~ Update from Asheville Star Knowledge Gathering ~ LOVE~

Uploaded on 22 September 2012 by From the Star Knowledge Gathering Asheville North Carolina for the Fall Equinox Ceremonies… And Update of LOVE!

Bill Ballard ~ Star Knowledge Asheville ~ This Asheville Vortex Is Cleansed n Activated Now

Uploaded on 22 September 2012 by As the lower energies are transmutted while we bring in more light, many things occur. Whenever we gather at these Star Knowledge Gatherings we generate votexes of energy that will be permanent in these spots where the gatherings and ceremonies are performed. That is occurring where we did the prayers and ceremonies here in Asheville for the 2012 Fall Equinox… Boy are the energies coming up too… WOW! LOVE!


Ron Paul’s Hearing On “The Price Of Money: Consequences of the Federal Reserve’s Zero Interest Rate Policy” – 22 September 2012

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Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Lightworker : You Are A Lightworker – 22 September 2012

Shine your Divine light and your love. Beam it from within you, and it lights the way for others. Let them come to you when they are ready. Until then, just keep shinning your light in the darkest of places. It is not always an easy path for the Lightworker, however, when you get to the point in your evolution it won’t seem like the same work you started. Continue reading

Inelia Benz – Did You Hear? We Can Do It Today! – 22 September 2012

The information in this article is highly empowering, and reveals deeply known, yet forgotten, facts about our true natures. Feel free to share it, email it, and post it to anyone you feel it will empower. Although simple, it goes to the core of how the Light/Dark Paradigm has been able to function for so long and how we can consciously move back to our true natures of Light/Love, bringing in the New Paradigm with us into what we know as a “physical reality”. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Energy Of 2013 Is Here And Will be Amplified Thru The Rest Of 2012! – 22 September 2012

Before I get into today’s sharing, I want to mention something about the picture I used for todays image.  I spent a good amount of time yesterday looking for something that looks like the silver energy I see as the timeline of 2013, I kept coming up blank.  A man named Patrick Latter liked my sharing from yesterday, and for the first time ever I actually clicked on his name to see his blog and about shit (in a good way of course) when I had seen the energy of this photograph he took.  It looks exactly like what I have been seeing.  A car represents how we move forward in life, how fitting this image to these times.  I have enjoyed looking and feeling with his amazing ability to capture on film many aspects of what I see in readings.  Thank you Patrick for bringing it all to life!!  To enjoy his photography, please either click on the photo or his name!!   Continue reading

The Rio Times – Ben Tavener – Brazil Threatens With Foreign Capital Tax – 22 September 2012

Brazil Finance Minister Guido Mantega, Brazil NewsBrazil Finance Minister Guido Mantega is a fierce opponent of Western countries’ quantitative easing programs, photo by Marcelo Camargo/ABr.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Finance Minister Guido Mantega has chided Western central banks over money-printing and other stimulus measures, and warned that Brazil could impose taxes on speculative foreign capital to avoid its currency strengthening. Mantega reiterated his stance that Brazil would take “all necessary steps,” including “those adopted in the past” to prevent Brazil’s real from appreciating unduly. Continue reading

Lucas – Dutch Claim Their Sovereignty Back, Will I – 22 September 2012

As a Dutch citizen and still in slavery to my capital letters to my name there is a movement now also over here to bring solutions to be free.  I am glad others have already now found thé or á  way and are teaching others and showing the way.  Niburu.nl and its international website Niburunews.com is reporting on it and showing in you tube movies the steps to claim sovereignty back.

Two Dutch people seem to have found the way to claim their complete sovereignty back from those Capital Letters that  made them from a normal human into a legal entity and slave called natural person. They have said good-bye to being subjects of the queen Beatrix of Orange, etc and are now apparently free humans. Continue reading

Aljazeera – Australian Catholic Church Admits Child Abuse – 22 September 2012

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3 Minutes News – 22 September 2012

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Visionkeeper – Change Is In The Air …- 22 September 2012

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Autumn is sweeping in bringing with it changing colors in the leaves, much cooler weather, birds heading south, gardens dying back and the sound of chain saws humming away. The change of seasons is always one of beauty and at times extremes, but this shift in seasons is even more intense as we begin the final stages of our shift in consciousness as well. Continue reading