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TWC – Active 2012 Hurricane Season Filled With Oddities – 11 September 2012

Active 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season has been a busy one so far. The season-to-date statistics have far outpaced the long-term averages since 1966. Continue reading

Massive Explosion Seen On Jupiter – 11 September 2012

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Dutchsince – Strange Sulphur Smells Coming From Southern California – 11 September 2012

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Visionkeeper – Headed Towards The Light – 11 September 2012

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This picture so adequately expresses where we are at this time. It is dark and many times brutal to be where we are, but just around the bend ahead is the light shining brightly, beckoning us to continue on. As we go along and keep looking for an end in sight we lose track of where we have been! It is time to look behind us and take stock of all we have manifested! The world has gone through much chaos and yet we are still in one glorious piece. Banks have fallen, our money has been stolen, our homes have been taken away, our food has been poisoned as well as our water and air, our rights have been stripped away and yet here we still are and in many cases stronger than we were before! We will not be beaten down, we quietly refuse to do things the dark way. We are aware now, awake to the truth, on guard and ready for action if needed. We most definitely are NOT where we were a year ago! Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 11 September 2012

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Lucas – Two Towers – Remembering The Secret – 11 September 2012

A fictional story about  Two Towers in the midst of the land of human.

The story begins with the characters of the two towers , one tower called the whore of Babylon and the other called the tower of the darkness. Both had found in their fights of evil their righteous place  so they thought.  The land of human kind was their place they could feed, plunder and use their resources called slaves for what reason or what use ever. The dark forces had found protection in clothing that shielded them against the light they could not bear. Continue reading

The Bradley Manning Story Your Don’t Know – 11 September 2012

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My jaw dropped as I watched this video. I can’t describe the effect it had on me—and it remains unresolved since 2007!

Bradley Manning at 22                                                                   Now he looks like this!!

We really have not paid enough attention to this case. Continue reading