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Montague Keen – 16 December 2012

montague-keenWhat a difficult week it has been for you, my dear. Because you are very sensitive, the changing energies affect you deeply. They bring up emotions long buried in the past. Certain other people have behaved completely out of character recently and are in a confused state of mind. At this time, when you deviate from your pre-ordained path, all sorts of difficulties will arise, to force you back on track. It is a war between good and evil, right and wrong. The Cabal wants you firmly on the materialistic path. They are causing financial problems that seem insurmountable for so many of you. When you have the courage to step off the treadmill and take control of your lives, everything will fall into place and your path will become clear. Take courage, and hold a firm belief and acceptance of the changes that need to happen, to remove you from this dark, miserable, third-dimensional existence, into a future that presently, you can only dream of. Continue reading


Drunvalo Melchizedek 2012 & Beyond – 16 December 2012

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Brave Archer Films ® – 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning OFFICIAL FILM – 16 December 2012

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Ron Head – You Have Not Begun To See All That Is In Store For You – 16 December 2012


Before we begin today, let us tell all who are suffering because of their connection to your loss of so many dear little ones they are here with us and they are well cared for.  We offer our comfort to all who ask.  We understand your pain and wish you peace in your knowing of their return home. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 16 December 2012

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

During these times, many of you are experiencing a feeling of completion with all the issues and challenges that you have been endeavoring to transmute into the creation of a greater expansion of your own capacity to love yourself and others with compassion and acceptance. You are stepping beyond the confines of your former perceived limitations and opening your energy fields to greater potentials and possibilities. Each time you have done this you opened yourselves to accepting more of your higher Light to enter within. Now you stand ready to move into the new horizon which beckons just beyond the borders of your perceptions. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Soul Expansion – Divine Counterparts – 2013 – 16 December 2012

supernovaeI remember when I first started to do readings, everything always stayed the same, except for the new energy a person put into their life.  Symbolism’s never changed, the time depth never changed, everything wonderfully reliable.  I read for three years before I stopped to do DNA readings via massage.  Even they were reliable in understanding until about 2010, then new chakras started to emerge, new energies were coming in, but at least the mapping of understanding was consistent.   Continue reading

David Wilcock – Top Russian TV Station Exposes Financial Tyranny [PICS, VIDEO!] – 16 December 2012

ren_tv(Lucas: Remember to discern yourselves in everything you see, hear and read and are confronted with.)

On December 4, 2012, one of Russia’s top TV networks contacted us — to do the world’s first-ever full exposure of our Financial Tyranny investigation in mainstream media!

This show will air just hours after we have made this post — and we hope to get a copy of it. Continue reading

Skull Babylon – Paradigm Shift Radio – Ep26 – 16 December 2012

paradigmshiftradiolink to blogtalkradio Paradigm Shift Radio show episode 26 -15 December 2012 –  5.00 am

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Sacred Coronation – 16 December 2012

Picture 621I am the essence, the light, the sound, and the thought of Mary. I represent the ultimate Mother, the Divine Mother, the Divine Female. After the time of my Son’s Ascension, I was escorted off, not to be seen again. The energies kept me sequestered away as to protect me in my light, in my body, and in my heart.

Many of you in your existences through space and time, have oft times been scooted away from those that you loved, from those that you considered to be family. At this time in this intersection of heaven and earth, of stars and sun, it is a time of going back and healing that deep within you that still mourns for what could have been what should have been, and what wasn’t. The feeling of being separate, of being abandoned – and yet at the same time, a feeling of being protected for one’s own sake. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Planetary Positions & Quake/Flare Watch – 16 December 2012

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