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Wes Annac – Internal Or External Focus? It is A Balance – 30 December 2012

contact-during-meditationThanks to Konstantinos for his picture “Contact during Meditation”

A reader sends in a great question about where exactly we should put our focus in these changing times. I have said before in previous articles that it is now pertinent for us to put all of our focus within and toward our ascension, rather than solely looking outwardly toward our channeled sources or toward physical events we’ve been told will manifest. Continue reading


Cedar Rivers – 2013 : The Year Of Originality – 30 December 2012

2013The three days of 20, 21, 22 of the December Solstice 2012 brought a ‘cosmic closure’ to a very long era of mindless learning through challenges set by others, which often involved intense pain and suffering. Betrayals, lack, and violence were common features of the past era, which lasted for thousands upon thousands of years. Learning was invariably by rote, and the material taught was usually beige at best, and often irrelevant, offering little usefulness or hope for living passionate lives. Continue reading

Ron Head – We Have Some Good News For Your – 30 December 2012


As we begin our last message for your year of 2012, let us give our deepest appreciation to each of those who have followed our channelings throughout these months for all of their dedication and efforts toward your planet’s ascension.

None of you has had an easy time of it, and yet, here you are, preparing for another year of the same.  Well, we have some good news for you.  While there is still quite a way for you to go on this journey, you will soon be quite well aware that the most difficult part of this undertaking is behind you. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 30 December 2012

montague-keenSo many of you are hurting, whether it is through illness, emotional, or financial problems, you are being bombarded by dark energies and you are finding it difficult to rise above them. It will not last. It is being done to try to prevent you waking up, and seeing all the information that has been suppressed for years. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted, no matter how bad you feel. Because you are hurting, it does not give you permission to lash out and hurt others, whose intentions are honorable. You are all in this battle together; all fighting on the same side, with one goal in sight – the removal of the Dark Cabal. The Cabal uses the same formula every time in order to achieve its aims. Do you not see that by killing your children, they hope to remove your rights, so that they can make laws that would leave you at their mercy. Think carefully on this one, as you have everything to lose. Infiltrators are positioned to appeal to the masses, to make it seem that you do not care if you do not do as they demand. Continue reading

Sonja Francis – The Year Ahead: 2013 – Seek Unity – 30 December 2012

Uploaded 30 December 2012 by AstrologerCoach (Lucas: I have mixed up the first name from Sonja even as I have posted her before. I had posted it as Joan Francis, sorry, errors occur and it is now corrected.)


WakeUp World – Trinity Bourne – What Do You See In The Mirror? – 30 December 2012

What-do-you-see-in-the-mirror--300x240Have you ever noticed how the wind animates itself through the rustling leaves? We can’t see the air. We only know of it’s presence by the way it dances with the trees as wind. Air inspires the wind – yet it is NOT the wind – it is simply the outward reflection of it. I find this a powerful metaphor to describe the consciousness of the soul… Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – Pains And Lightness Of A Re-Birth – 30 December 2012

stock-footage-macro-view-woman-opens-eyes-with-change-focusIs waking up really a once in time? And what does it entail to really wake-up? When you wake up from a night sleep, don’t you let go of ALL that was in the dream? You do not hold on to few things, not even if the dream was the best you ever had… it still was a dream. And as a dream it dissolved. You open our eyes and what was starts crumbling away into far away memories… gone. Continue reading

Matthew Ward – 29 December 2012

MatthewWardMatthew Ward – December 29, 2012

December 21st reactions, actual effects; beliefs create reality; aftermath of darkness, clearing away “debris”; expectations; God in charge of ET arrival; information sources; ascension smoother from now on; soul and science, same energy

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. December 21st, the date long awaited with excitement and musing about what would occur, has come and gone. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 30 December 2012

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

The air is alive with wonderment and magic. There is a pervading feeling of the anticipation of something wonderful coming. You have arrived at your destination and are now settling in. The changes within you and in your personal lives are occurring on the subtle levels of your Being rather than in dramatic shifting into a whole new reality. This is as it should be, in order that those you are traveling this adventure with have time to notice the difference and become aware that something profound has taken place. Continue reading

Brad Johnson – Vibratory Mechanics – Part 2 – Diet & Mentality – Conscious Matrix Communication – 30 December 2012

Uploaded on 29 December 2012 by selfempowermenttv In this second part of the Vibratory Mechanics series, Brad Johnson speaks on improving the body through diet and improving intuition not with food, but with mentality.
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