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Christina – Living The Light – Our Golden Merkaba – 24 December 2012

dodecahedron_9_big_a_5002Golden Merkaba

Here we are moving through a magnificent period in our evolution. All is in a continual motion towards our recognition of an event that surpassed all understanding. We read, watched and listened to scores and scores of material, insights, projections and of course, we heard our own inner intentions. Continue reading


Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – The New World Order Has Been Defeated But The Old World Order Is Still Fighting – 24 December 2012

benjamin_fulford_3There are growing signs that the Bush/Nazi New World Order Nazi faction has been defeated but that the Rockefellers and their allies in the Old World Order faction are still fighting to preserve their power. It has also now been confirmed that the new Japanese government headed by Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party was put in place via a disguised military coup d’etat, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. This implies the Rockefellers and their minions are being forced out of Japan, a CIA source added. This means 66 years of hostile foreign occupation of Japan may be about to end. There is still secret fighting going on though. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 24 December 2012

AngelaPeregoffBlessed holiday musings to you during the time of year when humanity resides within the one moment called Eternity. This past weekend millions and millions of hearts participated in a celebration of Awakening. It was a time when many quietly resided within their lives, within their own pleasures and within the great deep peace that flowed from their inner beingness. My holiday wish for you is that you gift yourself with the time and space to absorb all of the Divine Light structures that are making their way here this week because of that event. Continue reading

John Ward – McAlpine v Bercow : The Codswallop Continues – 24 December 2012

jimmiemc(Lucas : For those still needing a bit of sarcasm here is John with his never-ending sarcasm. He is still being an excellent investigative writer.)

Jimmie McAlpine…nice shoes & expensive cars

I am indebted to an eagle-eyed Slogger for bringing the legal networking site Contact Law to my attention. This is a Reuters-Thomson service, so one might be forgiven for thinking it knew WTF it was at. But clearly, it doesn’t. Either that, or it is brazenly batting for the Angry Brigade Urban Libel Guerrillas for the Liberation of Blogger Money, proprietors A. McAlpine and A. Reid. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – A Suprime Christmas Carol – 24 December 2012



(PaRT I) Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Is Clif High When He Makes His Predictions? – 24 December 2012

Uploaded on 24 December 2012 by paradoxman316 Yes, I listened to all 2 1/2 hours of his 12/21 podcast. While I did resonate with some of what he foretold, most specifically that the US and dollar domination of the world is over; I really have trouble with his cataclysmic predictions of earth changes that he see with absolute assurity. He also mentioned a few times that David Wilcock “maybe” gets caught is the cataclysm he did not expect, telling the people that were asking for his help to just leave him alone. He “sees” all of this through remote viewing and webbot analysis. He does not believe in two timelines; and the one he does believe in does not paint a pretty picture. I see it differently, though I will not present my views as absolute like he does.

3 Minutes News – Storm Euclid – 24 December 2012

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Natalie Glasson – 21st December And Beyond Update – 24 December 2012

Natalie_Glasson_Twelve_Rays-130x230So much has been occurring since and before the 21st December 2012. The energies have been so intense in my experience and continue to be so as we enter into each new day. I feel my guides strongly around me guiding and supporting me at this time and I know it is the same for all of us. We are very much loved and supported at this moment and always in our ascension.

The weekly message is due today and I am being told by my guides that they do not wish for me to channel because like everyone I also need to rest and process the energies to support my spiritual evolution at this time. Rest, relaxing, loving ourselves and connecting into the energies are extremely important at this time, I am being told by my guides. It is important to follow your inner guidance as to what is appropriate for you to achieve and so I am following my inner guidance that it isn’t appropriate for me to channel at this time. In my wish to support each of you at this time I wish to share some insights that I have been made aware of by my guides. Continue reading

Libera – Luminosa (Debussy) – 24 December 2012

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Lucas – The Paradise On Earth Is You Creating It, So Stop Seeking, You Are The Creators – 24 December 2012

creatorWhat is seen over the world is in the last part of the year that  people all over the world have their feasts of light and celebrations to welcome the peace on earth, the new light. It is the Sun returning to lengthen the days again.  In the new re-birth of the light, peace and harmony we still not see that the message is:  ‘We are the creators of heaven upon earth’.  Remembering that we are just all that is and nothing is outside the present moment of now will give us the insights that we need and we always had. Continue reading