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Bill Ballard – Light Body IS Seen In Photo And Videos – Thanks Dieter Braun – 23 December 2012

Uploaded  on 23 December 2012 by pearls2u Thank you Dieter Braun for your video showing how to see one’s auric field using the YouTube filters. Look at the bottom of this message for link to that video. Someone pointed out that body star that is my aura from yesterday’s video I posted. As I go back to previous videos I see that violet flame around my head and hands, as well as light dancing around my chakras seen in vids from just before Venus Transit 2012. That’s pretty cool to have the confirmation of that I have described to be seen in the videos and by simply tilting the monitor screen to see how the light plays around the body. Thanks brother! LOVE!  Dieter’s video that shows aura on digital camera


Ron Head – It Is Not Exactly A Gift You Know – 23 December 2012


We come once again to congratulate you for the passing of another significant marker, the most significant one ever, as a matter of fact.  It went amazingly well.

Oh yes, there were a great number of very surprised people.  Some were surprised by what has happened.  Most were surprised by what appeared not to have happened.  At least the fearful are appreciative that the doom and gloom prophets were wrong, as we told you. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 23 December 2012

hilarion2Note from Scribe: We have had record snowfall for our area which resulted in several power outages last night so I left my computer off after the first one and that is why this message is a little late.  

And so we now come into the new Golden age. We welcome you with great jubilation! The energies are still very intense and will continue in their activating activities. Every living being on Earth is being activated and attuned to the higher dimensional frequencies and this work will continue until each being is fully awakened in the new Light. It is your task individually and collectively, those who are already awake, to continue to shine your Light and help those around you as the need arises and is seen. You of the Light now hold an even more important position than before. You now begin to wield your Light into manifesting your vision for a better World in more powerful ways, because you yourselves are more powerful. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 23 December 2012

montague-keenGreetings to you from this side of life at this time of celebration, when families come together to say goodbye to the old and welcome the New Year. This year, of course, you are celebrating the start of The Age of Aquarius. Many of you are experiencing the cleansing out of all the old baggage that was used to keep you in control. This is why many of you felt so alone and abandoned. The baggage had become part of who you are, and so losing it was traumatic, for many of you. Your hearts and minds need to be free of clutter when you step into a life of freedom, when the truth of the reality in which you exist will be revealed. All is in hand to make this happen. As you know, timelines change, and obstacles are thrown in the way, but I assure you, it will happen. Continue reading

Sophia Love – WTF? – 23 December 2012

769024With 3D eyes, December 21, 2012 looked like this:  from 4:45AM until well past midnight I sat, danced, walked or sang in meditation.  There were hours of solitude, some spent in a darkened room, and others in a sunlit room.  Tears were shed in deep grief.  Anger and confusion emerged.  Parts of it aren’t remembered. I slept on and off.

With 5D awareness there was a corridor of golden light beams, sparkling showers of light, with wave after wave of pulsing energy moving through my body – sacred geometric forms swirled around me – still now the visual and sensation of it is instantly accessible.  Joyous blasts of bliss enveloped me.  Yet all around me looks the same. Continue reading

David Icke & Victoria VanAyerst [Art of Conscious Living] VictoryEntertainment – 23 December 2012

Uploaded on 22 December 2012 by DavidIckeNews Continue reading

Jim Self – Keeping Pace With The Shift – Winter Solstice 2012 – Excerpt #1 – 23 December 2012

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2 Minutes News – NASA Stereo B HI1 Sees Earth [Stereo A Next!] – 23 December 2012

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Skull Babylon – Paradigm Shift Central – (Full Doc) Journey to Rockmont: Three Days of Light – A Consciousness Shifting Story – 23 December 2012

Uploaded on 20 December 2012 by SKULLBABYLON

Ron Van Dyke – Deep Hurts Now Surface As Love Rises – 23 December 2012

Uploaded on 23 December 2012 by paradoxman316 Yesterday, the first day following the cosmic alignment of the Winter Solstice of 2012 that ended an old age, an ancient epoch on Earth, was interesting for me. I had a number of communications revealing deep seated pain, emotional and physical, rising up as the new energy was experienced by some of my friends. In one particular phone conversation I was told that this individual felt unable to go on because the hurt was so unbearable. Earlier, I had listened to the song by the little girl named Rhema Marvanne who sang about the hurt she experienced when her mother died of chemotherapy. It is my feeling that many hurts will arise, manifesting in numerous ways, as the Feminine Goddess energies rise in human consciousness, forcing everything unlike itself to the surface to elicit a response from those who are experiencing the wounds caused by years and even lifetimes of living in the lies of the illusionary world of separation.