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Bill Ballard – Shift Of Ages vs End Of Time – The Difference – 27 December 2012

Uploaded on 27 December 2012 by pearls2u It has become certain now that the Shift of the Ages and the End Times or End of Time are two totally different events. We have indeed just experienced the Shift of the Ages while we are continuing to cycle ever closer to the End of Time or when Mother Earth shifts polarity and her spin of rotation. Many things have become visible since 12/21/12 and here are a few I have noticed. If we stay focused and centered in our energies as we near and arrive at the End of Time we can make this transition in a far greater and more graceful way… Please join with your focus preparing for this coming shift.

Bill Ballard
The Movie I refer too in this video of the reversal of spin of Mother Earth
“2012 A-Z” – A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportion
Ronna Herman’s Archangel Michael’s Message I refer too:

Visionkeeper – What’s Next – Part 2 – 27 December 2012


I was reading a book gifted to me over the holiday which at first I thought was going to be useless. It is the very famous book from quite a long while ago called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was the number 1 selling book of the century. Well I really have no desire to be rich, I don’t have the drive to be rich that he speaks to, so I didn’t know why I was gifted it. I leafed through the pages a while when I suddenly had a thought, and about six pages ahead I see he had the same thought. I may not be interested in becoming rich, but couldn’t I apply the same steps towards another goal such as gaining our freedom. As I  read on he answered that question saying the steps for acquiring wealth can be used for the attainment of any goal. Okay! So now I can read the book with new eyes geared to find out the secrets and apply them to ridding America of the dark ones. So I shall write a few posts on the different steps we could use to make our challenge successful. The first on the list that is required above all others is Desire. Continue reading

Adam Vrankulj – Department Of Homeland Security Delays REAL ID Enforcement Until 2015 – 27 December 2012

homeland-security-150x150December 21, 2012 –

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that 13 states will have met the January 15, 2013 REAL ID deadline, and enforcement of the rule for non-compliant states will be final in 2015.

The REAL ID Act was passed in 2005 and is intended to make identification and travel documents harder to obtain for terrorists. An early benchmark of this act was to mandate that states develop REAL ID-compliant drivers licenses by January 15, 2013. These new drivers licenses can be used by American citizens to board planes or interact with any federal agency. Without compliant drivers licenses past the deadline, citizens will have to use Passports or any other federally-issued identity document, the department warns. Continue reading

Silvia Mamani – The 5th World Prophecy Is Fulfilled – 27 December 2012

407874_4051559763201_2096500079_n(Silvia Mamami has not left a blog link or other link to her work so. If she reads this I am willing to put your credits in this blog post.)

* Message from the Lakota Ancestors, through Seashell Moon Woman, Stillness and movement engage in their endless dance.

The inner knowing is that which guides you now; you know you and you listen.

The way of honoring your heart is being reborn within you. The ancestors and those you have been and are, are coming forth within your energy field informing this point of focus in time and space. It is this homecoming which signals to you the attunement of your focus to the New Earth energies. It is when you vibration elevates to a certain point that these other versions of you can connect with you, meet you. So realize that as you begin to know and be informed by the vastness of that which you are, it is a landmark on your way. It is something you can smile at, realizing that you are moving in the direction of this shared, Utopian dream of Oneness, Love and the New Beginnings of the 5th World of Peace. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Time To Say Goodbye – 27 December 2012

6963704Moving now into this heralded “golden age”, we come to this – full realization.  Without separation there is only love. Any division takes place within, as it is there creation is birthed.  The spark of desire drives it all.

Collectively we awaken and begin to see past one or the other, to all.  We are One, there is no other.  The sharp division of days, ideas, people and their truth is everything but.  Continue reading

Ronna Herman – Message Form Archangel Michael – “Assuming Your New Galactic Mission”- 27 December 2012

ronnapic200Beloved masters, the God Rays which RAY-diated the Divine Blueprint/Seed Atoms for the Piscean Age have gradually diminished in power, for they are no longer receiving the Sacred Fire Seed Atoms of Creator Consciousness supplied primarily by the luminous frequencies of the Sixth Ray. The major focus for humanity during the Age of Pisces was the lower emotional nature. Humanity had emerged from the stupefying, vibrational forces of the lower, instinctual animal/human nature whereby the focus was on scarcity, survival and security. In the last 500 years of the Piscean age, many of the more mature Souls were beginning to tap into powerful forces of the Third Chakra / the physical Solar Power Center. They began to concentrate on their earthly-mental/human nature, developing their creative abilities on the physical plane of existence, and acquisition of material goods became their major focus.  Some of the even more advanced Souls began to tap into the vibrational forces of the Heart Chakra, as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra, thereby initiating the development of their Spiritual Power Center (the Solar Plexus, heart, throat and thymus gland) as they gradually began the process of spiritual awakening. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Syria Chemical Weapons? – 27 December 2012

Uploaded on 27 December 2012 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – The Final Love Line Of 2012 – 27 December 2012

Uploaded on 27 December 2012 by paradoxman316 Last night’s love line with Margie and friends was the second one of the month and the final one for the year. We decided to close out the year with this at the first love line the first week in December. For me, this was a different experience than the many that had gone before. As I peered into the eyes of my friends, I often had the sense of losing my identity in the energy of the connection. I also had the sense that each individual represented more than only the man or woman standing in front of me. Of course this gave me much to reflect upon. “All in all” may be a whole lot more than most of us have realized; yet it may well be the consciousness of unity many will experience on a much greater scale than ever before.

John Ward – Economic Meltdown – Only One Person Stands Between Us And Planetary Depression – 27 December 2012

gillard(Lucas : I have posted today a few news articles on geopolitics and banking. But I will in future do less posting on these topics only when relevant,  as for me now the emphasize is on working towards being and working on a higher vibrational level to c0-create the new paradigm with those embracing the same. My blog will be part of this change in the shift also. The looking back and past/future stories are not important anymore as we need to exist and be our authentic selves  just in the moment of now.) Continue reading

Sophia Love – The Ascension Of Understanding – 27 December 2012

9878893I trust the other because I trust myself.
Because I trust myself, I trust the other.

Distrusting the other,
I question my own decision to be

where I am,

sharing relational space,
thus distrusting myself. Continue reading