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Bella Capozzi – Archangel Haniel – “Release What Is Toxic And Allow What Is New To Enter Your Life” – 2 December 2012

vogue-us-february-2010-classic-romance-natalia-vodianova-13636976-600-417With love I greet you.  It is I, Haniel.  In joy I speak with you on this day.   For this is the time of fresh beginnings.  This is the time of the purging of the old and the ushering in of your God-given mastery.  We stand witness to the dawining of the glorious Platinum Age of Light.  Heed the call, Dear Ones, and let not a second more pass you by that you are not fully encompassed in the enormous waves of love cresting over the planet.  Do not tarry, do not lag.  Dive in headlong and enjoy the sheer bliss of it all!  Can you not feel it already?  Those sudden rushes of the purest, clearest, love?  It is a sensation so long unfamiliar to you, and it is not that you did not ever know this feeling – it is that you simply forgot. Continue reading


Ron Head – Your Time Is Here. Feel The Love Around You Now As It Increases In Intensity – 2 December 2012


Our message for today will be short and to the point.  Every day now will be more intense than the one before it.  You are clearing all remaining trauma and negative beliefs… if you so choose.  Everything is up to you, dear friends. Continue reading

Lucas – The World Up Side Down – Just New Perspectives – 2 December 2012

Upside-down-world-350x170It feels like a fools bumpy ride on the longest (inter)dimensional rollercoaster of the universe, being sometimes up, sometimes down, going left right and  in curves and loops. In all you feel the nearing excitement of having dared to be on this ride that will bring you to the most beautiful bliss and feeling that you’d wish for. It is just that what your journey on this planet you have chosen to be experiencing the duality is about. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Another Global Meditation Coming Up Tomorrow – My Input And Focus – 2 December 2012

2 dec 2012 door 12-3-12 Global Meditation tomorrow. Could the Christians Manifest their Rapture? I feel that they can, IF they realize how all this works and come together themselves focusing on that to occur. To do so, they MUST KNOW BEYOND SHADOW OF DOUBT that WILL OCCUR… Cuz thats simply how manifestation works. One must know they are a creator god and have that power… BE LOVE!

Just An Example Of The Breaking Up Of The Dark Cabal/Illuminati – 2 December 2012

dyn010_original_270_370_pjpeg_3393_aecace38e21076a24d00000a69bdeeb0.2(Lucas : “Drama played out”. There is a power struggle going on between Monti and Berlusconi. It so appears in this election time period of Italy all issues are played out. The accusation Monti was not democratic elected still hangs in mid-air. Also Berlusconi wanting to be back head of state and the only power in his political party is played out. Also old matters seem need to be taken care of and vengeance is played out. The power struggle goes in my opinion is also part of the power struggle in the P2 Masonic Lodge. I only see it as the last episode of the old paradigm and things crumbling away to disappear in nothingness. ) Continue reading

The Power Of Compassion – 2 December 2012

power-of-compassionThe Power of Compassion Expressed Consciously Can and Does Make A Tremendous Impact On and Difference In The World.

The Power of Compassion is a form of power that can and will change the world should we exercise it consciously, intentionally and choose to allow it to. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Super Typhoon Bopha – 2 December 2012

2 dec 2012 door Continue reading

Lucas – Update On The Changes On Earth – 2 December 2012

Heart lightsDear ones,

Update on the changes:  A Lot of changes have already been taking place behind the scenes and in plain view. You just have to see all the movements. The 22 November doorway brought us lots of cleansing and integrating of that what was needed to be imbedded in the Oneness Energy.  There is a feeling and urge that people awakened have, it is the feeling to get in action, or to be stepping up their efforts on their private missions. Also working on the personal level within and on living your live as if you are already ascended or in 5d mode is needed.  Continue reading

James Gilliland – Siran Message On 2012, Social, Economic And Physical Earth Changes – 2 December 2012

scatteredJamesG wrote:

These social economic and physical earth changes were given Nov. 30th 2012

They are what are on the books now and can be avoided by changes in the collective consciousness, divine intervention or individual choice. They are not given to promote fear and all parties are to be held harmless from any decisions or actions concerning this information. We are living in fluid times, events and timing can change yet if we don’t get busy changing our destiny what is presently on the books will manifest. Be well Continue reading

Ann Peckham – Sparkling Energy – Distraction Cuts You Off From Source Energy – 2 December 2012

ann-at-tinas-4-150x150I am getting floods of inspiration and I am finding that “habit” is continuously trying to kick in and distract me.

It feels like the battle between the familiar and the little known but gentle, quiet wise one. Habit is so easy to slip into and so familiar that it is constantly the default setting. Continue reading