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2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning OFFICIAL FILM [Brave Archer Films®] – 3 December 2012

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John Ward – Gold Price Manipulation : Yet Again, The Graphs Speak For Themselves – Slightly Different Gold Trends Inside & Outside The Bubble – 3 December 2012

shadowyfolksIt’s approaching 7 am New York time, and there’s a little bit of pre-opening gold selling going on:

This has been going on at gold31212amregularish intervals (ie, gold dumps between 7-9 am on the NYEX) for about ten days now. Clearly, the message someone is trying to convey is that Obama’s election was a good decision, we’re winning the war in Syria, and the EU/Greece thing is showing light in the tunnel at last. Continue reading


MC Yogi – Give Your Love To The World – 3 December 2012

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Bill Ballard – Experiencing Dimensional Slides More Often As WE Near Zero Point – 3 December 2012

Uploaded on 3 December 2012 by I am experiencing more dimensional slides as the frequencies increase and old patterns and limitations are being released in my own consciousness. These dimensional slides used to be with much time betwee, years between when I was young, and now are occurring many times each day. Im sure others may also be experiencing these and I have written about them before. They are such wonderful experiences, but maybe rather scary to someone who does not know what is going on. Here is a link to an article I wrote earlier this year when they were happening about once a month… Presently Im having this experience several times each day. LOVE!

Coast To Coast AM – George Noory – Drunvalo Melchizedek Interview – 2012 & Earth Activations – 3 December 2012

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Ron Van Dyke – Which Age Are We Really In? Where Are We? – 3 December 2012

Uploaded on 3 December 2012 by To the astute, objective and honest observer, we are in a paradigm shift. The signs are available for anyone and everyone to read, if we choose to see. I see it; and it is likely that most of you who are my friends and subscribers see it as well. Yet as I ponder what I see, I have to admit that the changes I have hoped for and wanted so much are not coming as quickly as I would like. They are much more subtle and progressive in nature; which brings me to the questions regarding Cosmic Time. Which age are we really in? Are we in an Iron Age rounding a bend and starting to move towards a new Bronze Age, or the Age of Pisces becoming the Age of Aquarius? Where are we in our Cosmic evolution? These questions were triggered after watching the video: 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning (http://youtu.be/hlfYHAV1i8w).3 dec 2012 door paradoxman316

Benjamin Fulford – Putin, George Bush Sr., Saudi King Abdullah And Venezuela’s Chavez All Reported Ill During Same Week; Big Oil Involved – 3 December 2012

benjamin_fulford_3Last week there were a flurry of reports, all officially denied, that George Bush Sr., President Vladimir Putin of Russia, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and President Cesar Chavez of Venezuela were all suffering from serious health problems.

http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Former-President-George-H-W-Bush-hospitalized-in-4077162.php Continue reading

John Ward -Greece & The EU : Papandreou’s Oddly Robotic Huffpost Article – 3 December 2012

John WardWith 50% of young Greeks jobless, Troika plans to end Greek military service.

My inbox this morning is full of irate Greek persons with only two topics on their minds: George Papandreou’s pro-Brussels piece in Huffington Post calling for a new European Dawn, and the apparent intention of the Troika to cut back Greece’s armed forces in yet another round of loot the paintings in the Museums and transport the Parthenon to Berlin austerity. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 3 December 2012

AngelaPeregoffThis week Gaia taps into the ruling universal energies of manifestation and intentionally works with the vision she has for herself. Being part of her physiology means that we, too, begin a move in the direction of self-motivation, self-expansion, and conscious decision making. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Free To Fly At Last! – 3 December 2012

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Over the past year we have devoted so much energy towards opening our hearts and being love, yet at the same time we were always glancing sideways to keep our eyes on the dark ones and what they were up to. No more. They have gotten all the vital energy from me they are going to get. Continue reading