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Méline Lafont – My Ascension Experience – 11 December 2012

ascendingDear readers, friends and star family that I have come to know through my blog and elsewhere … I am grateful  to have found all of you during my mission and on my path in this Earthly incarnation. Thank you for this, I really love everyone!! ♥ Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – 12:12:12 & The Birth Of Unity Consciousness – 11 December 2012

MeredithMurphyYou are well prepared, trust yourself.

All that has led up to these alignments — the 12:12:12 Stargate and the December Solstice — has prepared you well for the unprecedented Infusions of Cosmic Love that will flood Earth during these holy days. Since you began to awaken and remember, you have been experiencing endings and beginnings, in cycle upon cycle within your own hearts and lives, all of which is preparing you for this huge Cosmic Completion & Re-birth. Continue reading

Dana MrKich – December 2012 Montly Visions: Our Turning Point – 11 December 2012

DanaMrkichThe Video Version of these Monthly Visions can be viewed here

Many things have been said about December 21, 2012.  For many of us, it has offered a ray of hope, a point of focus, a tangible date whose message aligned with the inner message I have felt and followed for most of my life: We are here for a purpose. We are here to awaken. We are here to remember who we really are. We are here to co-create a new world, one based on higher states of consciousness, awareness, truth, love and unity.   Continue reading

Shekina Rose – Blue Ray – Psychic Attack Planetary Alert & Blue Ray Archangel Michael Master Ascension Clearing – 11 December 2012

shekinaShekina Speaks

As the 12:12:12 gateway brings intense energies of purification, many of you will experience the final stages of rebirth. Remember, YOU ARE ASCENDING. This is what you have been internally waiting for, the cosmic gateway alignment that brings your liberation right before rebirth. The final phase can be the most challenging as you become the crystalline exalted angelic human.

Continue reading

Egyptians In Australia – Part 4 – 11 December 2012

Uploaded on 10 December 2012 by lisamharrison Steve Strong visits NEW GLYPHS at Gosford, and notes their association with the other much studied walls a short distance away. He and Gavin Bragg then investigate the BURIAL CHAMBER behind the Kariong glyphs. The episode then concludes with Steve showing and explaining the reason for the ancient ASTRONOMICAL MARKERS found directly above the glyphs. These findings strengthen proof of the authenticity of the Kariong site, and verify statements by (Ab)ORIGINIE ELDERS of their association with site and the Egyptians.

The Master Shift – 12.12.12 – Global UNITY Moment – Let’s Make History! – 11 December 2012

Uploaded on 24 aug 2012 by MasterShiftVideos Continue reading

ActivistPost – Dana Gabriel – Beyond NAFTA : Shaping The Future Of North American Integration – 11 December 2012

NAFTAIn a move that signalled the importance placed on the NAFTA partnership, Mexico’s new president visited the U.S. and Canada before his inauguration. This was seen as a step forward in further strengthening political, economic, energy and security ties between all three countries. Other recent high-level meetings and policy papers are also shaping the future of North American integration. Continue reading