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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Mother Mary Opens The 12:12:12 Gateway – 14 December 2012

Picture 610I am Mary, Divine Mother, Giver of Hope, Giver of Love. I am She who comes to welcome you as I open my heart and my arms and bring you close to my breast. I bind you in love and I bind what hurts you. I bind what pains you and I bind what cries in your soul to be healed. I collect with love what tears fall from your eyes. Allow me to wrap myself around you. I come to speak to you about your divine responsibility. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Matrix Of Miracles – 14 December 2012

image002We come to invite you into a matrix of miracles, a matrix of love, and a matrix of light.  We come to escort you into more understanding of how you create, and why you create.  We come to help you understand your desires, your needs, and your wants and how they affect the vibration of the earth.   We are the Elohim.

You are never singular in your desires.  You are never singular in your needs or in your wants.  You are never singular in your manifestations and creations.  Always you create from a point of oneness and you deliver into a point of wholeness.  Always your heart beckons into creation what it holds dearly inside of it.  Always your soul will push you and prod you into manifestations and creations that you humanly think are impossible.    Continue reading


Lucas – A Journey Around Your Lives In 9 Days – The Race Is On – 13 December 2012

phileasfoggA journey around your lives in 9 Days. The race is on.  A strange analogy of the 80 day race around the world many times over  broadcasted on tv or you maybe have  read it as a book by Jules Verne.

But really we had already the first day of 9 been living through yesterday.  A portal and a big clearing and cleaning took of.  Many including myself did expect something else as they got. (Yep should not have expected!) Not only have I seen people spinning around and going totally of balance but I myself had a backlash yesterday as clearing took place. For others the day was a day of calm and peaceful vibrations and energies coming in. Better said the whole 12/12/12 experience was as we all have our different own journeys towards the end, a personal one, and it brought what was needed in that moment for you. The energies are still manifesting and making room for that what will have to be completed on the 21 December 2012. The density and speed towards the emerging timelines to zero time is felt now. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – All I Want For Christmas – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Here We Go Again! – 13 December 2012

Uploaded on 12 December 2012 by Kemetprince1 The Present = The Gift

Lisa Gawlas – My Love Letter To You! – 13 December 2012

love-explosionI have just written the first half of this sharing on my other site called “My Loving Journey With Can-Seer.”  This sharing is picking up where that one left off.  I choose to do it this way on purpose.

As I mentioned in the close of my sharing above, the entirety of 2012 and all that has transpired thru it, flashed before my eyes and deep within my heart.  There was a constant that played out over this entire year… YOU.  From the very first day of 2012 all the way thru to these last few days of 2012 YOU have been present in my Life, in my Heart, and expanded my soul in ways no one or no other thing could. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Which World Will You Be On? – 13 December 2012

boy-cute-drugs-earth-fun-favim-com-241656(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I will probably write this post in parts as I usually write my posts a day ahead, but who knows what will transpire today 12-12-12 and I may have to add more into this at a later date. So far the day has started out to be magical to me. We have a new moon coming up tonight(13th) and new moons are a time to set your intentions on what you desire in your life. This magical time frame is a good time for us to place our intentions on the new world we are creating. Spend some quiet time envisioning it from all of your five senses. Which world do you wish to be on? This is our final chance at using the power of a new moon to manifest what we want before the 21st. If we all concentrate on a new world of love and peace, joy and compassion, then we stand a good chance of manifesting exactly that! Think of this new moon as our final exams and how well we manifest our desires decides if we will pass or not. Study hard today and put your intentions on a magical new world and together we will create it into being! Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Exposing The Mental Illness Of Humanity – 13 December 2012

Uploaded on 13 December 2012 by paradoxman316 Tom Shadyac got it right in his movie: I Am – The Shift Is About To Hit the Fan. He said at the start that it would be a movie about mental illness. For those that have watched the movie, you realize that what we think of as mental illness is not what he is talking about … not at all. You see, in nature, no creature takes more than it needs. He gave several illustrations, including indigenous hunter-gatherer societies. When we have humans amassing more supposed wealth than he or she could possibly use in a lifetime while others have barely enough or not enough to survive, that’s mental illness. When cells in our bodies do that, we call it cancer. The question is: who will shine the light of love on the real problem? Tom did … and I am.