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The Highest Outcome For Humanity Is Unfolding – 8 December 2012

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Meredith Murphy – Stilness As The Current – 8 December 2012

6a00e00982526c8833017d3e89cdbb970c-500wiI find myself increasingly returning to stillness.  This is not stillness as in non-movement.  It is stillness as the current.  A kind of knowing.  A glimpse of infinite time as I move with the wholeness, feeling the waves of completion and the continual insights. The moving energy enlarges my capacity and creates my continual expanding wholeness with me. Continue reading


Andea – Allies Report Earth Allie: Mission Completed. New Earth Rising Into Heaven! – 8 December 2012

learning_to_fly_by_0985The incoming Energy is HIGH.

Did you ever consider flying with it?

For who said humans are trapped to the ground? Gravity?

There are ways to fly that go far beyond gravity!

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Dan & Sheila Gendron – An Unusual Perspective – 8 December 2012

huggintreeSome may call it a self-imposed exile, but several years ago we separated ourselves from so-called “society”. It’s a 90-minute ride to even get to a town from here, mostly across dirt ranch road, some of it “primitive” (white knuckles). About a year ago, our Ford Bronco died, and we got swindled out of $3000 for a replacement truck that . . . well, long story, but suffice to say we haven’t had a vehicle since then. We haven’t left the ranch in about a year. The handful of times we had visitors since then, they have been so kind as to bring us up some small amount of groceries for a “treat” or two, but we gained something very special in that time – perspective. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – The 12-12 Actication Of Your Higher Self And Being, Emerging As One – 8 December 2012

onenessGreetings, beloved souls and friends of mine. As usual I am always at your disposal, just like in these days leading up to the portal of the 12-12 activation of yourselves. I welcome you all most cordially and I am very grateful for this moment.

I would be most pleased to bring you to your enlightenment during this portal where the activation of many beings for their Ascension process will occur. Consider this portal as your first initiation towards Ascension after a long waiting period and after the many changes and preparations you have done. Consider this portal your first enlightenment
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Mooji – Stop Thinking And BE – 8 December 2012

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Eden – 2013 Shift : The Physical Body And Becoming Light – 8 December 2012

light_body3-310x150(Lucas: For the record the shift will take place 21 December 2012)

What is happening right now with all the shifts?

What you will be experiencing is a leap between the physical aspects of your being and that of becoming a true Being of Light, one who has a greater understanding and awareness of knowing and being in physical existence but of being more greatly aware of how you attract, connect to, and exist across other realms simply because you are and exist as such.  This is often the transition a soul makes upon death of the physical body, of having to come in to understanding of their existence beyond physical matter. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Let’s Get This Party Started! – 8 December 2012

482685The 12th of December is the beginning of an onslaught of light to the earth.

3 Minutes News – 8 December 2012

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Visionkeeper – Moving Forward – 8 December 2012

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This saying in the picture reveals so much other than just six words. Pools of sorrow so aptly describes itself. Pools of sorrow speaks to the stagnation of pools that are standing and not flowing freely. Continue reading