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Ron Head – It Is The Will And Decree Of Your Creator, And It Will Be – 4 December 2012

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We have spoken through all of our trusted channels about the clearing of your old fears and hurts, dearest friends.  And yet, even though we know you have seen these messages, we see you continuing to identify with the situations that these energies bring to your attention as they arise.  These things are not you.  It makes you feel stressed, sad, and helpless when you see them as part of your selves, part of your lives. Continue reading


Sophia Love – I Am Good – 4 December 2012

9023220At midpoint now, what can we see about how far we have come and the path ahead?  This is a Quest.  By definition then, we are searching for something.  Even if we are pretty sure what it looks like and where it is, we don’t have it yet.

This is the spot in our journey where we make a decision.  It is just as far either way.  We can continue or return with equal effort.  What will you choose? Continue reading

Bill Ballard – To The New Waves Of Person Awakening Now – Follow YOUR Heart – 4 December 2012

Published on 4 December 2012 by pearls2u Many persons are just waking from the religious sector into the Ascension process and being guided by others trying to control and manipulate them. I have seen this occurring and was discussing with a dear friend last night with what she is witnessing too. Incoming messages directed to me show this is occurring too. The key to ascension is turning inside, to your OWN HEART, finding YOUR OWN MESSAGES and LOVE, and focusing on that. Ascension is just that simple! No diet, No Ceremonies, No following this person or that will get you there… ONLY YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS YOU NEED! Its all about LOVE, your thoughts and perceptions that create or remove your own limitations! Beware the Ascension BS you may believe imposed by others! LOVE!

Lisa Gawlas – Surf’s Up And We Have A Fancy, Speed Accelerated, New Surf Board!! – 4 December 2012

surfs-upBoy, December wasted no time at all making itself Known, well, that really should say the energy I call December.  I sat on my couch on the morning of December 1st and I was watching earth open up in a way that so took me by surprise.  It had all the elements of the cube that was in the movie Hellraiser (for those not familiar with that movie, I embedded a clip of that cube scene below.)  I just sat there and watched as it moved, opened, shifted, changed. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 4 December 2012

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Visionkeeper – The New Drugs For 2013 – 4 December 2012

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We are creating a whole new world so we might as well create a whole new line of drugs to take the place of 3D toxins. It will be handfuls of love and beauty and dreams and hope and joy. Continue reading

Heather Callaghan – Cheerios Removes App During Fury Of Anti-GMO Backlash – 4 December 2012

Screen-Shot-2012-11-30-at-9.04.45-AMCheerios just faced a humiliating public relations failure thanks to the undiscriminating nature of free speech through social media.

Just a few days ago, Cheerios (General Mills) released an app on Facebook asking ‘fans’ to gratefully show what Cheerios means to them. Users could write their own sentiments by placing Cheerios’ iconic black font over a yellow template, complete with little cheerios for periods and dots. Continue reading

Champions Of The Future – 4 December 2012

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Ron Van Dyke – Law Of Attraction Is Not Absolute – 4 December 2012

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Paradigm Shift Radio – Episode 24 – Perseverance, Discipline, Awakening. Ft Michelle Infinity – 4 December 2012

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