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UniversalFreePress – Rick Wells – The Regime Of The Long Knives – Obama Fires 2 More Military Leaders, What’s He Up To? – 21 October 2013


The total now stands at eleven. The Army Times reports that two more high ranking military members, each with impressive resumes and service records, have now been relieved of their command duties. That’s eleven this year, and it’s only October. Continue reading

22 Under Investigation In Libor Case In Britain – 21 October 2013



Updated, 1:56 p.m. |

LONDON — British prosecutors have identified 22 individuals at various banks as potential co-conspirators in a wide-ranging inquiry into the manipulation of a global benchmark interest rate.

The individuals were notified last week by Britain’s Serious Fraud Office that they were being investigated, prosecutors and lawyers for some of the potential co-conspirators said at a court hearing in London on Monday.

Read the whole story at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com/link to original article

POOF Ness – Susan & ZAP – “Threshold” – 21 October 2013

poofPOOFness for OCT 20: “Threshold”

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Jill Renee Feeler – Ascension Update Oct. 21 2013 – 21 October 2013

JillReneeFeelerThere is a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!  We are in the midst of quite an expansion window, integrating a broader range of frequencies into our Earthly experience.  We (all of us) have called in this broader range, lifting our ceiling even further.  These “new frequencies” come to the surface into the Earthly realities not from outside ourselves, not from somewhere “out there”.  All that Is emanates from within each of us…

As we integrate this wider spectrum of energy frequencies, our choices expand.  Our playing fields multiply, exponentially, even quantum-ly.
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Ignite Your Childlike State Of Wonder – 21 October 2013

Uploaded on 1 October 2013 by Shots of Awe Continue reading

FSB Wants Russian Internet Communications To Be Recorded – 21 October 2013

RT logo( Lucas : Again like the French The Russians play the innocent part.. and now use the NSA spying that is being done by most countries upon their citizens as an excuse to get it legitimized.  Yes of course… and do not forget it is always the excuse of being for your safety or in the interest of national security, when do people stop seeing it is not in the interest of you or the state but the controllers to use your data. Even terrorist and fears are specially created for you and regurgitated to belief it is so. See how it goes :  from enviromental protesters they made potential dangerous activists and now they call them eco-terrorists. Are you getting it.)

Russia’s Communications Ministry, in cooperation with security services, is finalizing a directive obliging internet providers to record private internet communications. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – Look Up The Coming And Archived Shows – 21 October 2013

5Dlogo-150x150In stead of posting (almost) every show of the network  I will post weekly this message where you can find the shows.


For the show The Spiral Journey,  The Elemental Evolution, The Remembering, The Transitioning, The One People, The Collective Imagination and In-Joy, The Show

You look the shows up  at above link and or listen live!  Enjoy the shows or do not… that is your choice.  I always say whatever you do discern yourselves.