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Lucas – The Tool To Get Things Back In Neutral – Love Unconditionally – 27 October 2013

Heart-beatLove in the spiritual sense what is that?  It is that state of feeling sexually attracted to or resonating with an other? Or is love a hollow saying not to be feeling or resonating a certain way with humans or an experienced situation?  Is love the mother and father nurturing and protecting the child?  There is in observations a lot of talk of love but not about the  spiritual love that says to be metaphorically  “concurring” all.

This “concurring” is already a negative expression as it is duality big time.  The love I talk about here is about having an influence in the balancing out the dark extremes as well as the light extremes.  It is the tool so to say to bring all back in the middle.  It is the neutralizing force. Continue reading


Mish / Mike Shedlock – 4th And 1st Amendments Under Fire; “Everyone Spies” A Favorite Cry Of US Apologists; War Against Journalists; “We Hit The Jackpot” – 27 October 2013

MishMikeShedlockThe way to stop media reporting of NSA is simple: Shut down the agency entirely. It is too big, too bloated, and too useless. It spies on friends and foes alike. And when you tap the phones of 35 heads of state, including Angela Merkel, it’s pretty damn had to make the case this that spying is about terrorism.

Please consider the Guardian article NSA Chief Says Government Must Stop Media Reporting by Glenn Greenwald. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Guided Meditations – Amazing Deep Relaxation – 27 October 2013

Uploaded on 27 October 2013 by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Be Thankful (432 Hz) Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below:  http://www.infinitewaters.net/books
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Wes Annac – Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 2 – 27 October 2013

wes-annac-300x229Humanity is believed to be undergoing a collective evolution into the fifth dimension, which essentially means that we humans are evolving along with every other facet of consciousness on Earth.

It’s believed that our collective spiritual evolution is being driven by a growing understanding of the metaphysical realms of consciousness and of how this Earth is meant to be treated. Despite the collective ascension occurring currently, it’s been said that individuals have ascended from this Earth numerous times in the past and that individual ascension can be attained ahead of the collective. (2) Continue reading

Germany Warns Of ‘Diplomatic Damage’ If Israel Ignores UN Rights Panel – Report – 27 October 2013

RT logoGermany told Israel to expect “severe diplomatic damage” should it fail to attend a periodic human rights review Tuesday, Haaretz reports. Israel severed ties with the UNHRC in March 2012 after it expressed concern over Israeli settlements.

“On Friday, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle sent a personal letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning that Israel’s failure to attend the Geneva-based Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review would cause the country severe diplomatic damage and Israel’s allies around the world would be hard-pressed to help it,” Haaretz newspaper reported Sunday.

Read the whole article : www.rt.com / link to original article

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 27 October 2013

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

The world around you is filled with many distractions that demand your attention and focus. It is very easy to get caught up in the polarity games as they play out and it is important for the Light Bearers to hold their ground. As you have already experienced many times, the headlines in your news media’s are generated to attract followers. Remember that where you put your thoughts and focus is what in turn, you will bring into manifestation. It is advisable to keep your thoughts and focus on what you want to experience in your personal world rather than that which is dissolving and disintegrating in the higher frequencies. The old world paradigms are no longer working even though there is a frenzied effort to bring them back. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Most Recent Message – 27 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update October 23, 2013 and October 26, 2013Would you comment on this?Thanks!Click here for video

Much love,

Ok Sophia, remember to always believe in what You want to believe in.You know the Followers of Light will aid humanity and what was told there is this preparation. These were not structures, but interstellar ships, they shift between dimensions and as soon as something human-made approaches them they “disappear”. There is no need to worry about this, illuminati order is afraid because they know what this all means to them, but everyone non cabal, non illuminati and non terrible people shouldn’t be afraid of this. This will aid humanity as a whole.One is with all of You, do not be afraid and have no fear in Your hearts. With Wisdom and Love!October 26th, 2013I thought you might want to see a follow up to the video: Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Road Of Love Constantly Changes! – 27 October 2013

lisagawlas2Life!!  What an amazing, revealing, interactive teaching tool it is.  The more intense life gets, the more choice points we arrive at.  These times are our greatest moments, even tho, from the human perspective, they just down right suck!  But, with the right heart juice, we can take the bitter sour of lemons and create a wonderful lemonade out of it.  Can I tell you, YOU are a major part of my heart juice, in ways, I am sure you will never fully realized until we are all on the other side of the veil and really seeing how much you have not only affected my life, but all the lives around me.  Thank you for loving me, my dad and all that surrounds this journey…. so flipping much.  Your love, support and extreme generosity is what is keeping me (semi..smile) sane. Continue reading

Washington DC Ready To Decriminalize Marijuana! – 27 October 2013

Uploaded on 26 October 2013 by MOXNEWSd0tC0M October 25, 2013 CNN

“We’re Seeing Things We’ve Never Seen Before…Everything Out There Is Dead.” : Gulf Of Mexico Ecosystem In Crisis 3 Years After BP Oil Spill – 27 October 2013

Count Down To Zero Time

Oldspeak: “Three and a half years later, BP is spending more money – I want you to hear this – they are spending more money on television commercials than they have on actually restoring the natural resources they impacted.” –Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  Three years after well blowout, declining seafood catches and deformities point to an environment in distress.” –Dahr Jamail

Read the whole story at: www.countdowntozerotime.com / link to original article