Wes Annac – When Channeled Predictions Come True – 30 March 2012

At this time, I would like to take a look at the ‘taboo’ subject of predictions made by channelings actually coming true. I say taboo in a humorous way because indeed, why not employ humor when it comes to this subject! Many have experienced endless heartbreak over such predictions made through sources that haven’t come true, and as a result much of what we collectively think about when it comes to channelings and predictions, are in relation to when predictions do not come true.

Why not look at the rare instances that predictions given through channelings has come true? I’m not going to say there are many examples, but for starters perhaps one can look to the many prophecies given to us from countless civilizations, that predict the coming of a marvelous Golden Age.

The underlying and ‘beginning’ events that have been catastrophic, were indeed predicted as well by such prophecies and many have mistook the prophecy of the time that we are currently in now, and assumed the chaos predicted in such prophecies that is happening now was a prediction of a planetary Armageddon, when this is simply not so.

While the true nature and meaning of many prophecies has been misinterpreted, one can agree that many events that have been predicted to happen at this time have indeed happened, and in my personal opinion we are to see the predictions for an emerging Golden Age begin to manifest along with the many ‘promises’ that have been made through channels in relation to the coming changes.

The prophecies we have been given are one prime example of predictions beginning to come true, and we are just witnessing the beginning of the manifestation of all that we have been waiting for. Read any latest update from terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources alike, and this reality will begin to become clearer.

For the last sets of examples to be discussed in relation to the manifesting of predictions given, I would like to focus on two things that have been said by the sources through myself that seem to have ‘come true’ in some ways. I am not doing this to pump up my own sources or my own perceived ability, as I admit to having received distorted information before as I was beginning to open up my abilities to channel, and I know that no channeler on Earth is truly immune to the distorting of information through them by their own ego.

I would however, like to point out that there have been the couple instances where words spoken by the ascended souls through me have seemed to come true. The instances that I will display may seem by some to be coincidental or anecdotal or any other label to assume that what I’m presenting is false, but I personally will choose to believe the higher dimensional realties behind what I have been shown.

I would first like to quote from the most recent article given to us by David Wilcock, which is the first of a three-part article about the Divine assistance we are being given and have been given. In this article, David eludes to a date along the Mayan Calendar that has recently been passed that is an important date:

“Some of this new data came in the form of highly clever time-encoded prophecies that could not be fully understood and appreciated until the actual dates took place.

“As it turns out, the date of March 13th, 2012 was given, years in advance, as a pivotal moment in the defeat of the Old World Order. This was all documented — and can easily be verified.

I was stunned to discover this data, for the first time, on March 11, 2012. I would have loved to have been fast enough to get it posted the next day, but this investigation could not be rushed.

March 13th was also when the ancient cycles of the Mayan Calendar went into full lock-step synchronization — regardless of which of threecounting systems you use.

These cycles will now remain harmonized — right straight through until the Calendar’s conclusion on December 21, 2012.”

Also notable from this article:

“I have had many personal examples of “angelic” or “extraterrestrial” forces bending time and giving me accurate prophecies. Many of them have been documented (…).

As one recent example, last February I published very powerful dreams telling me “the next disaster on the scope of the BP oil spill” was about to occur — and three weeks later we had the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

I have twenty years of documenting my dreams every morning. They have been remarkably accurate in predicting the future.

Four years after I began this practice, I established direct contact with the people who are helping this planet “from above.” (1)

Of course, we could go on and on talking about how predictions given through David Wilcock have come true, but I would like to focus on the specific date mentioned by David in this section of March 13, 2012.

David says here that the date of March 13 “was given years in advance, as a pivotal movement in the defeat of the Old World Order” and that this date is also “when the ancient cycles of the Mayan Calendar went into full lock-step synchronization — regardless of which of three counting systems you use.”

Now, one would imagine that as this date is so important, there would have to be multiple miracles and wondrous things that were planned to occur that have now happened with the passing of this date as predicted in the Mayan Calendar, which was modeled after our Cosmic Calendar.

With this being such an important date, there had to have been more than one miraculous development that happened, and perhaps one was told to us in a veiled way by our extraterrestrial brethren?

Regardless of whether this garners criticism, I think that this is so. I would like to bring your attention to a message from the Pleiadian High Council of the Galactic Federation, channeled through yours truly on the date of March 15, 2012:

“…The citizens of the areas that are receiving the cleansing of their chemtrails have likely noticed by now when such chemtrails are being sprayed and subsequently cleansed. For those who may not have yet recognized what this looks like, we will be overjoyed to give you an explanation.

Upon doing so, it should be expressed that nearly every area of Gaia’s sky is currently being occupied by starships and motherships, as a recent date along your Cosmic Calendar has been passed that has seen the arrival and establishment of so many more of us and our ships in your skies, in preparation for the events to come on your world.

There are many different Lighted ships, organizations and souls in the skies of Earth for many different [Lighted] reasons, and many of us are performing cleansing and healing work in your skies and atmospheres while we ‘wait’ for and do everything we can from our positions to achieve the results that have been promised and worked toward by so many.” (2)

This message was published to the public on March 15, 2012, and was likely scribed the night before on March 14th, as that is how I usually bring such messages through; by scribing them the night before and posting them the next morning.

One may not wish to believe that this message given is significant in relation to the day said to be so revered on the Mayan Calendar by David Wilcock, but I personally see quite a synchronization with what is said by the Pleiadian High Council in relation to “an important date (being) passed along (our) Cosmic Calendar” which the Mayan Calendar is again, based off of.

I certainly see the relevance, and this is in my opinion one example of something being said in a channeling actually being true. I have not studied the Mayan Calendar or any other type of calendar in any type of depth, and I have no idea of the various cycles and times associated with the Mayan Calendar as I personally have not done a plethora of research on it. I simply look to my guides and the souls speaking through me for the information of all of this, and it seems that doing so is in fact paying off.

The last example of a prediction from channeled sources coming true is one that is quite easy to point out though I haven’t publicly yet, because this was a prediction given from the Ascended Masters through me that I was quite anxious about publishing.

I guess I should say that I normally do not have my sources give predictions; I did in the past and it didn’t quite work out, and I think this goes with the fact that we do not know our ascended brethren in the deep and real ways that we think we do, and as such they cannot always conform to our linear need for dates and such. Every great once and a while if the energy behind such a prediction feels to be genuine, I will let a prediction through as I know that my sources as well refrain from making such predictions unless they are sure that the prediction will come true, and in this case the Ascended Masters seemed quite sure. Here is a snippet of the message which contains the prediction given:

“We know that you have been getting very excited to hear about the immediate period ahead and we know that you as a collective and as individuals are ready to get things off of the ground so to speak, and once again we remind you to look to the events currently in manifestation on your world for solid proof that everything is truly coming to a head and coming to fruition. The dark are stepping down in increasing numbers and indeed dear souls, we can promise you that the resignations you are seeing in manifestation currently are to pick up exponentially in the weeks ahead.

You have seen how fast the list of resignations has already grown and this happening is acting in accordance with the many deals that have been brokered as the Illuminati heads on your world realize that they are no longer in any types of positions of influence or sway on your world.” (3)

This section from the message is worth displaying as well:

“With the exposures, resignations and arrests that are to come to fruition so very soon and that in some cases you are seeing happen in this very moment, many will see that the boldest predictions given through channeled messages will be and have already been coming true.

We hope to have restored a faith in the ability to channel on the behalf of humanity as well as the fact that there are multitudes of ascended beings reaching over the veil and making personal telepathic contact with humanity at this time.” (3)

The date that this message was published was March 18, 2012 which probably means that the date it was scribed was either March 16th or March 17th. This is an estimated guess, but I believe that at that time the number of resignations of influential people was around 350.

Shortly after this message came out and this prediction was given, American Kabuki temporarily stopped tracking the resignation numbers of top bankers and many other top influential players. Shortly later, when these resignations were tracked once again, the numbers had reached over 400 resignations and the list is still growing. (Along with a new list of arrests!)

Even while recognizing the fact that these resignations were beginning to pick up when the prediction given from our dear Ascended Masters was made, nearly one hundred (and maybe more by now) resignations in the small amount of time between the message coming out and the resignations being tracked again while they pick up exponentially just as was predicted through a channeled source, is quite significant in my view.

I can see the criticism coming in now, over the fact that the evidence presented has come entirely from my own sources. Many may say that my ego is too big or that I’m connecting dots that don’t exist, but I ask you how much longer can we continue to deny the reality that is the ability to channel the energies of and communicate with the ascended beings who are assisting our world, on the part of humanity?

As hundreds of people have found this communication for themselves in ways that are so very real and as many people have come forward with their contact and publicly channeled the ascended souls assisting us, how much criticism and disbelief is going to continue to be garnered and fed?

There have been other examples of predictions made through channelings coming true, but this article is already quite long and I’m sure your eyeballs are hurting by now. (That’s a joke!)

Again, head on over to David Wilcock’s website and check out the many channeled predictions that have been made through him that possess extreme and undeniable relevance to everything that is currently happening. This ability is real, and the coming true of predictions given through channels is only just beginning.

Prepare to have all of your frustrations and worries in relation to the manifestation of predicted events, answered in direct and wonderful ways. Prepare for your worries to completely melt away, as everything that we have been waiting for is again, just beginning.

Wes Annac – Proud Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC


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