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Dutchsinse – 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake In Philippines – 31 August 2012

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Originally.. recorded as a 7.9M earthquake — now downgraded to 7.6M.

here are the statistics for the quake:
use the links here to monitor earthquakes nationally , and internationally:


8.1 Earthquake Philippines – 31 August 2012

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John Ward – Euroblown : Stalemate Spikes Draghi’s Guns As Weidmann Threatens To Quit – 31 August 2012

Francois Hollande: Is there a point to this bloke?

Germany 1 Italy 1

(After far too much time. Penalties to be taken by Spain & Greece)

Apologies if this reads like a cross between news item and opinion-piece, but many if us here in Europe are beginning to wonder where this mutual exhibitionist onanism between Berlin, Frankfurt and Rome is going to end…and when something practical to help EU citizens might start happening. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Victory For Texas Voters: Restrictive Voter-ID Law Rejected By Federal Court – 31 August 2012

Law Could Have Hurt Hundreds of Thousands of Minority Voters Without ID

WASHINGTON – August 30 – Voting rights advocates scored a clear victory today when a federal court rejected Texas’s restrictive voter ID law, which could have hurt hundreds of thousands of minority voters who lack the required ID. Continue reading

Gregory Mannarino – QE3 Or No QE3, Same End Result – 31 August 2012

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Link to TruNews interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/trunews/2012/08/30/trunews-august-30-2012
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Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – 31 August 2012

MASTERS:    “This is the time of beginnings.  Humanity is in the midst of unlimited opportunities of mental and physical understanding of the universe and all of its powers and integrated productivity.  The wonders of planetary reconstruction that are now being felt and observed in your world are part of movements in your universe that will soon be observed on other planets that you are at least aware of at this time.  The Mars mission will be one of the first to observe the changing tides of frequencies as its roving machine picks up more than soil samples and records power surges not known or understood at this time by your scientists. Continue reading

Euronews – Iran Accussed In New UN Nuclear Report – 31 August 2012

The UN’s nuclear watchdog says Iran has doubled production capacity at its Fordo facility. The International Atomic Energy Agency said the number of centrifuges there have increased from just over 1,000 in May to more than 2,000 now. Those new machines are not yet operating, the report said. The IAEA also said Iranian officials hampered inspections of another nuclear site.

Iran denies its atomic programme has a military aspect. Tehran says Fordo enriches uranium to 20 percent for civilian purposes. But in May, UN inspectors found unranium enriched at 27 percent, closer to the level required to make a nuclear weapon.  Iran argues the readings are inaccurate.

http://www.euronews.com link to original article and video

(Lucas: comment : Is this the needle in the haystack they have to find like those weapons of mass deception, oeps mass destuction they could not find and fabricated in Irak to force a war.  It seems with all the war mongering going on and all those article that give all sorts of other things going against Iran.)

OpEdNews – Larry Everest – A Frenzy Of War Talk-Israel’s Outrageous Threats To Attack Iran – 31 August 2012

“Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final-Israel TV”(Times of Israel , August 11 )

“Israeli speculation over Iran strike reaches fever pitch”(Guardian, August 14)

Over the past several weeks there has been an eruption of alarming reports, high-level meetings, and public debate over whether Israel is close to deciding–or has already decided–to launch a military assault on Iran before the November U.S. presidential election. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – What Does It Say?- 31 August 2012

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This picture has grabbed me continually when I shuffle through my pictures for my posts. I love it yet I pass it by. I decided today to not pass it by and find out what it will finally tell me though my words. I find the shapes gentle and beautiful. That is what I love so about nature, it curves and swirls and is soft, not straight and rigid. The incredibly beautiful ferns in this picture bend with such perfect grace. They are soft and supple and this tells me that we too must learn to be soft and supple and bend with the flow. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Quakes North and South, Sunspots – 31 August 2012

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