Lucas – Real Unity In Unconditional Love – 19 October 2012

My heart is longing for peace and harmony as  still ego and division is preached or hold on to. There is no unity in duality. When do you step over your shadow?  When do you step out of this is my way and group and we know what is best or better said. When do you stop  the competition of actions,  explanations, words, beliefs, patterns.  We make a stand for unity between the lightworkers around the world as we have only one common goal:  ending the old duality system and bringing the new paradigm as a blue-print online.

We can make that difference if we all are focused on our mutual goal and focus  from our heart on that which is already ready but needs to be manifested by our combined powers. We will clear the last shadows and will bring in the light on earth for ever. So step out of your walls you have built arround your own truths and beliefs.  Break through those walls prohibiting you from uniting with all.  We are all One. Act upon it and be One with all.  It is time to set a side your so-called grouches, animosities, your hate, your fears, your ego, playing victim. It is time to start together in unity that what is our new world to be. Stop keeping the old cycle going.  You are asked to do this now.

There is no more excuse. Stop playing victim, stop focussing on the negative aspects of what you do not want. Just focus on the new and what we all as humanity want.  Stop being arrogant and being “I know better for all” and being an authority, guru, teacher. We are all one in Unity and Oneness.  Act upon it and be that oneness energy. Enough of the interpretations, fighting amongst each other, promoting division, exclusion, and still calling yourselves One and being Light. This ends now.

Be with all of us in the now. We are the ones we always have waited for and we will make miracles happen and by Unity change becomes real in the now. Join 21 October 2012 in whatever way you can by just focussing on being in unity and harmony gathered for a day, a moment or minute to see and visualize, meditate, having positive thoughts, chanting, or singing in focus in unconditional love on harmony, peace, abundance and for most being One in ending the duality cycle NOW.  This is what we united will  achieve. So be it and it is done.

Love and Light,


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2 responses to “Lucas – Real Unity In Unconditional Love – 19 October 2012

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  2. Lucas, what you said previously is so true, and it is something that will be helpful for each of us to keep in mind. It is the end goal that matters. If someone has the same vision in mind, which would include just about 99% of us, let’s all make the committment to drop our judgements and discord. Getting to a point of unity will not happen overnight, but will be a process for all of us. And it will be a beautiful process. We have reached the most critical point, and that is making the collective decision to make it happen. If we support each other – as along the way each of us is certainly bound to stumble and fall, and have moments of reverting back to prior conditioning – we are helping ourselves, helping the other, and reinforcing that committment to unity.