Lisa Gawlas – Change Deep Within The Celss And The Air Itself!! – 15 December 2012

cell-divisionMan oh man, was yesterday intense and exciting and all-encompassing weird… or what?  I should have realized the moment I woke up with my eyes sealed shut (sleepers in the eyes) that was a sign that “you’re not seeing a thing today, except whats inside.”  I wouldn’t even think to whisper that thought out loud, let alone confirm it.  Until  I had no choice!

But even before my first reading of the day, I could feel everything.  The energies within me, everything ramping up.  When a vibrational increase is happening, it produces heat.  My body was having energy fevers and my eyes actually burned as if on fire… but only when I was looking at light.  The eyes are exposed to the air, so their “fevers” feel different.  But I could feel so much other stuff happening in my body… around my spine, but also within my brain waves.  Before my first appointment rolled around, I figured I would just sit with myself… and I could see the frontal lobes of my brain, the energy field that extends outwards from there, once again being stretched.  I also heard the words “expansion” in relationship to what I was seeing.  All I could think of was… good, I need more space to house and process what is coming in!!

Then something really odd happened, and I am not even sure how to put it into words.  I could feel the air change.  Suddenly I heard a down pour of rain outside.  Granted we have been under a winter storm advisory for a day… but, living here in the Jemez, I realized that does not mean a thing.  Mostly, if we are lucky, we get a glancing blow from any storm potential.

When I went out to feed the birds, the sky was amazing, thick dark clouds surrounded the Mesa’s, the rain belting down, I could feel the energy in the air, the gratitude in the ground for the moisture seeping into it.

Then I connected with my first lady of the day.  if the strangeness didn’t just get stranger (which is always a good thing in my vocabulary.)  I did everything I could to pull the antenna out of my head to “see” for her… I cracked up laughing when I finally got it “out” about 10 inches and it fell to the floor like a wet, limp noodle.  I thought… what the hell…!!  I do not “see” my antenna often and this is not how I want to see it!!  Too bad, so sad for  me and my lady.  It just hung there on the floor.  Dammit!!

So we had some good conversation.  But not with a whole lot of oddities coming thru while we talked about the energetic’s   First, a dog showed up on the field.  I have never ever seen a dog in the back yard.  He came in from the right (spiritual side) and stopped to sniff the bird seed I had just spread out all over the ground, he then lifted his face and looked directly into the back door at us… and then walked off to the left (physical life.)   Ohhh I got his message loud and clear.  Dogs teach “obedience and loyalty” (always to the Self) and he was a divine messanger for both of us in that moment.  I could feel his communication to both of us.  Honor the Divine within, be loyal to the change unfolding.

But I don’t want to… I wanna read!!  lol

I moved out of my reading chair and came over to my computer to see where I could possibly reschedule her to, by the time I went back over to my reading chair, the rain had changed to really thick white snowflakes and the ground was almost white now.  Holy cow, that was fast!!  But I could also feel the change in the air… and truly, I have no words to even come close to describing how it felt.  Just… very different.  Intense.

When I hung up with her… the air was so very intense with energy.  Different than anything I had ever experienced before.  I could still feel my own expansion happening.  In the expansion, the vibration of Love was amazing.  Fuller, thicker, alive for sure.

My second lovely lady on my schedule rings.  Once again, I attempt to crank out the ole antenna.  It was still on the floor… but now, very different.  before I couldn’t see any color… now I can see the colors, the change, and the sparks coming up off the floor (where it was resting) of gold energy.  Instantly, I really understood what was happening within me.  I mean, I kinda knew… but when I see and feel it like this, there is no doubt at all.

WE ARE CHANGING!!  Enhancing, Upgrading if you will.

My eyes were (still are) so sensitive to the light because they were actually wide open and allow more energy in.  Blinding really… I had never been so excited to reschedule a whole day than I was yesterday.  It was such a feeling that your own back flow of Light really allowed me the clarity to see what is happening (not only to me… but all of us in our own unique ways) from all this crazy December energy!

We are being hardwired to the energies of 2013.  A frequency higher than the one we are in now.  If we are to move with ease, grace and trust thru 2013… then we must be obedient and loyal to our soul in process!

I had to smile with that deep inner recognition when the headline news on my phone said that California had a 6.3 earthquake earlier in the morning.  Of course it did!  There is nothing like a wonderful burp from our mama to set the field a flutter… and our cells!!

The conversation with my number three for the day, a beautiful man…. we talked about my choices of late with moving thru this amazing journey with Can-Seer.  Thru this conversation it was as if my entire body came alive and got soooo excited.  I could feel the excitement from every cell within me.  My body had the most wonderful and amazing opportunity to show me… to fully remind me, just how incredible it really is.  The cells within our body are alive and conscious and sooooo love us.  We can often take all that for granted.  Like being in a wonderful relationship that you just know is there and always will be, so you don’t put as much energy into making the relationship work… we are busy taking things for granted.

What is so funny this morning, as I reflect on this conversation and the joy that pulsed thru my own cells within the conversation, I am reminded of what we so desire to do… in order to truly transverse space and time as we know deep within us that we can… we must have a constant and absolutely intimate relationship with our cellular structure.  For it they that must change to allow the experiences of potential to happen.

Thru one of the conversations yesterday, the field presented it like when a life is first formed (pregnancy) and two different cells come together (sperm and ovum) which creates chain reaction of cellular division, faster and faster… and then becomes a baby.  We are undergoing that now… on every level.

There is soooo much our bodies are capable of doing, but we are constantly limiting ourselves, or looking outside of ourselves for a better way… then, the potential of experience will always be just out there around the corner.

Shortly after my exciting conversation with him, the weather changed again.  The cloud parted, the sky was becoming blue and the sun was out.  How wonderful.

About an hour later, as I rescheduled my fourth person on the hit parade, the weather changed again.  Thick, wet slush was down removing the remnants of the snow from the landscape.  Clearing… hydrating.

Then came my 5th reschedule… I could feel everything changing.  Clarity, energy, everything just was feeling different… more than it was before.  I was so hoping she would be the one to not get rescheduled… wrong!!  Nothing at all.  It was like a strange placidness to the energetics… but even that was about to change.

Shortly after we hung up, the winds, holy flipping cow, the freakin winds started whipping around the house, snow was trying to fall but the winds picked up all the snow flakes and was creating a horizontal flurry across the field.  Moving from left (physical) to right (deep into the spiritual.)

In one eight-hour time period, every type of weather presented itself.  It was such a reflection of what I was feeling all day long.

I have said this many times before, what is happening, energetically thru space and time, truly is a double-edged sword.  We are in the realms of duality.  You and I are feeling the expansion, the excitement of Love made manifest deep inside of Life, within us.  There are many tormented people out there, deep in the energies of anger, self loathing, and even they are being deepened by this energy.  We are seeing an upswing within those who just cannot take the negative feelings within themselves and doing their best to eliminate what hurts them… to rid the lack of love they feel they do not diverse from the face of the earth.  Taking out innocence.

Always remember, those who are hardest to love, need it the very most.

And here we are, mid-December.  A whole new energy field emerges.  I can feel it deep in my back, there is a pressure that runs just between my heart and my solar plexus the girdle that seemed to encompass my spine yesterday has moved to my mid-line from side to side.  Phew…  Gotta love the process!!

And I soooo love you!!  Thank you soooo much for Being YOU.

((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures within the cellular change ongoing!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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