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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Ruble Sinks To Record Low; Russia Intervenes In Currency Markets To Stabilize Ruble; Russia Denies Ultimatum – 3 March 2014

The ruble is down 1.43% today, 9.81% for the year.

Russia sold $10 billion and hiked interest rates hoping to stop the decline.

Russia Intervenes in Currency Markets to Stabilize Ruble

Bloomberg reports Ruble Plunges to Record as Bank Rossii Seen Selling $10 Billion. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Never Let it Rest – 3 March 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Growth and evolution are constant, and we’re always moving forward. Our minds and hearts are being continually activated in preparation for our collective entrance into a higher vibration, and even when we reach that vibration, we’ll continue excelling. From the fifth dimension, we’ll continue to learn and grow until we re-reach Source. Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive : RBS Gave Widespread Rises As Well As Bonuses – 3 March 2014


Sources inside the investment division of RBS have confirmed to The Slog that they received “generous” pay rises as well as bonuses as a result of the ‘restructuring rescue plan’ that led to the bank losing a cool eight billion quid last year.

This comes on the same day that Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury select committee, said banks’ approach to pay “does not come close” to meeting proposals from the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, which he chaired.

In turn, it comes four days after Ross McEwan said in a keynote speech, “The Bank, and of course the British taxpayer, paid a very heavy price for the self-serving decisions that were made at RBS in the past. For me it is very simple. As an organisation we must remember and then never forget that RBS exists to help our customers, to support them, and to make their lives easier. We cannot do this if our customers do not trust us. We are the least trusted company in the least trusted sector of the economy. That must change. So the goal of my plan is very simple. We have to be a bank that earns your trust”.

Except that he couldn’t be trusted to tell us that – quite soon after saying “free banking might have to end” – he had approved the giving of pay rises. This is the context of having lost all £46bn of the money we’ve pumped in since 2008. We can now guesstimate that around £2bn of that went in bonuses….and rises. And of course, quite a bit of it went in setting aside monies to pay SFO fines and private legal actions resulting from, um, fraud…of which  McEwan says he can “find no trace”.

Er….why pay the fines if you can’t find the evidence to justify them?

With impeccable timing, today’s Telegraph notes that RSA shares are “a good buy” because the post-Goodwin architect of the RBS jerry-built financial mess Stephen Hester is now at the helm there. It helps to laugh, I find. But not for long.


This is just one of a number of googlies that are going to catch Chancellor George Osborne slap bang leg before wicket soon enough. The Squeaky One has peaked too early, and his premature ejaculations are now about to start looking distinctly onanist.

First we had Mark Canuck at the Bank of England suggesting that Help to Buy might be ‘inappropriate’, and conducive to the creation of a housing bubble.

Now it has emerged in the last 24 hours that ‘onerous affordability’ rules are to be imposed on wannabe mortgage holders by the financial regulator in April, in a move that financial bosses are predicting could ‘kill housing recovery stone-dead’ from next month. Ipswich Building Society CEO Paul Winter told the Telegraph that there would be a shortage of finance available in April, May and June, caused almost entirely by the new rules. Socio-economically, this has to be a good thing. Politically for Gideon, however, it’s a blow.

Other things are upcoming in a series format that could blow the gaff bigtime on the Draper’s Big Scam. We have already seen how Britain’s “well under way” recovery suddenly developed a flat battery in the latest figures. Today the FTSE 100 was down 2% by midday as Ukraine jitters began to take hold. (I suspect this may have influenced Downing Street in its decision to tell the world this morning that under no circumstances will it be invading Ukraine, dear me, but how utterly pompous and delusional that sounded).

In May come the European elections, at which – we can be reasonably certain – Nigel Mirage and his Moonies will give both main Parties a serious drubbing. At that time too will come a potential double-header of Greek and Ukrianian bailout requirements….with yet more British citizens wondering whyTF we’re in this khazi called the EU.

Earlier at The Slog: Why Ukraine could easily turn into an econo-political Fukushima

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Lucas – The Elephant And The Mouse – 3 March 2014

File:North african elephant shrew.jpg

The elephant mouse

A story about power, abuse and misplaced consciousness.  First of all let us recap on  the things. Consciousness is a state of being. It is not something you can say to be or think to be. You are or you are not conscious.  There is still a lot observed in the now as a lot are saying to be conscious but also at the same time not being conscious. Walk the talk is important.  You can not tell others to be conscious and do the opposite. You can not tell people to be creating a new paradigm but work with funding from some people who have hidden agendas or are not disclosed to all. You can not be telling people to be conscious if you leave all common sense behind and do still that what is totally against all you have been standing for in your fight for freedom. You can not tell people to be conscious and bring a new belief system into being.  You can not be consciously building a new paradigm and still built from scratch knowingly things from old concepts, patterns, expectations, etc, even give them another name or say they’re new.  Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Epoch Times – Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced By Human Consciousness – 3 March 2014

laura-of-the-rocksNice when physics begins to catch up with metaphysics! In case anyone wonders … yes, in my experience, the Faery Realm, the Ancestors, past lives, alternate realities and more exist in the “spaces between.” Cutting edge science continues to confirm the power of what mystics, prophets, “primitive” civilizations, and seers have known all along.

Organic food for thought. :)

Epoch Times ~ Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – China Manufacturing Deteriorates Modestly, Demand “Weaker Than Expected” – 3 March 2014

MishMikeShedlockThe HSBC Purchasing Managers’ China PMI Index shows modest deterioration of business conditions in February.

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DealBook – Citigroup Discloses Money-Laundering Subpoenas – 3 March 2014



Citigroup and its Mexican subsidiary have received grand jury subpoenas from federal prosecutors over issues of compliance with anti-money-laundering and bank secrecy laws, the bank disclosed on Monday.

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