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Giant UFO and anomalous regular outbreaks at Antartic Station, 8 – 9 August 2011


Forgiving the peoples anger and despair. Heal it with love and light.

If you look at the news or read the papers, listen to the radio you will be confronted with all things that are going on now.

We see the developments that seem unstoppable, uncontrollable  not in perspective.  The wrong doings are divers. It ranges from unethical and unlawful debt caused trough our monetary systems that leave people sometimes no choice, to not giving food and help to the ones in need, starving of famine, to riots that rage over cities for freedom or from frustration of being not heard, helped, to wars that have no right to be fought, to governments and organizations  that ignore people’s rights, etc .

This makes people sad, angry and for all not being in the light. All those things bring people out of balance. And in lots of cases they can’t do anything about it. I asked myself just when I was sending love and light to all that rioted in Great Britain that they may see that this is not the way and that they will be helped. It is clear that not only those youths will be found accountable for their misbehave but most  en for all will leed to holding accountable those who are really the ones that have caused all the trouble.

Yes  those that are in power: the politicians, governments, parliaments, businesses, multinationals, the secret societies, the illuminati, dark kabal. All of them that have actively and passively  helped not respecting people’s birthrights and free will and freedom will get their notice soon.

The World is changing quickly and irreversible towards the ascension of Earth and our humanity. Duality will vanish and that what had been put in place and is wrong will be made right. Maybe it is now difficult to believe me and see that heaven on Earth will be happening.

Still the dark ones spread their fear, or stage events and false flags to get us still out of the light. So please be the love and light and sent it to all those people’s that seem to have lost the light. Let us make them see it again not  in the end  of the tunnel but in front of them. Let us sent them our thoughts and energies of healing. And let us also not be forgetting our Mother Earth, Gaia in this healing.

We have to forgive the people’s anger and despair. We heal it with love and light. Forgive yourselves also, we are not without faults. We are all still leaving our duality bit by bit and all that came with it will go  also.

Just know that we make it all together is this last steps towards our new lives as ascended lightbeings. We will be helped. Ask for help and guidance if you need to or are in need. You will be helped and see wondrous things happening.

Let us be the ones that make the difference for all those who are not yet able to awaken or can break the chains of duality.

Love and light and be strong and persistent.


UFOs in Greenpoint Brooklyn- August 6, 2011

UFO Flies Over Moon Zoomed In Reveals Stunning Lights

UFO sighting over the beach & over the moon, red colors seemingly changes shape…

Uploaded on YouTube 9th August 2011.