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The A-Z of Alien Species

Discernment advised. Thanks to Stick over at the LRC

**The A-Z Of Alien Species**

A brief incursion into any one of Timothy Good’s excellent books will soon lead one to an unmistakable conclusion: The Earth is being visited by a wide variety of different extra terrestrials! They range from midgets to giants, god-like humans to bizarre monsters.

Different parts of the globe seem to attract the attention of different species, with the Greys being very much an American phenomenon. Perhaps this reflects the interests of the Greys, or reflects the cultural subjectivity of the witnesses themselves. We would advocate the former, but the inconsistency of alien contact does generally obscure the field of Ufology. Continue reading


Fran Zepeda – Message From Jeshua – The Golden Palace Of Love – 8 November 2011

Greetings fellow lightworkers, I come before you today to discuss the peace that is enveloping the land. Do not be mistaken that it is happening and you are all a part of it. I do not forget the struggle that you have had in this momentous time to disseminate love to all. Love is in the cells of each one of you, dear sisters and brothers. Golden energy has infiltrated the earth and each one of you. You now enter the Palace of Golden Love and Light. What a sight to see it is. Feel it within your bones, your cells and your spirits. You cannot mistake it. Continue reading

Lucas – SaLuSa – On the 11.11.11 date – 8 November 2011

There is so much to tell about what is gonna happen around the 11.11.11 date. But it is something you will have to feel and experience yourselves. Be calm and gentle to yourselves do not think there is something special needed in accepting the beautiful energies coming from the source to you. You will feel that what suits you at the moment in time. Just be positive and loving. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 8 November 2011

We wish to communicate with you from the Star Realms. All through your many lives incarnate within the physical vessel and the physical worlds, you were subjected to much trial and tribulation. You suffered many losses and you received little reciprocation for all your hard work. Your freedoms were squeezed from you little by little until only a semblance of your true natural state remained. It was then that you began to awaken. It was then that the light that remained within you began to shine brightly. It was then that you began to recall your sovereignty, and began to once again be the all powerful being that you are, you have always been, and you will always be. Such was the plan, conceived eons ago in your time, to assist you in your growing education and development and to forge powerful wings of gold that would allow you to freely travel the gorgeous multidimensional universes at will, according to your own terms and visions of what you would wish to experience. That day has come. You have made it. You have succeeded in passing all the tests and obstacles put before you. You were pushed to the brink of your collective breaking point, but you never broke. What has injured you so has only served to make you stronger, and stronger you are for the whole universe to see.  Continue reading

David Wilcock’s Comments (so far) on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article… all I (KP) can say is…”WOW”…

David Wilcock’s Comments (so far) on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article… all I (KP) can say is…”WOW”…. via http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com  by Kauilapele

Now, as part of the blog post with the latest Ben article, I noted that “David Wilcock just commented that he will be coming out shortly with a transcript of Ben’s New Zealand interview. It’s enlightening to read David’s comments about what Ben has stated in his interviews.” Then I searched down farther, and there were even MORE comments by David. Continue reading

Full – Ben Fulford – Western Oligarch’s Lies Unravel – 8 November 2011

by Ben Fulford | Geopolitical News & Analysis
November 8, 2011

These days, reading some of the Western corporate propaganda media, you get the feeling you are reading Axis news reports of imminent victory late during World War 2. The reality people can see with their own eyes contradicts their reports so much that only a diehard rump of the most thoroughly brainwashed now really believes the propaganda. No matter what wishful thinking headlines they conjure up about the IMF coming to the rescue, or the Feds printing more dollars or FRN’s coming to the rescue, the fact of the matter is that the cabal that hijacked the world’s financial system has lost. The criminal cabal is caput. Events this week and next will provide ample proof of this. Continue reading

Wes Annac – A Fruitful Discussion With SolaRa – 7 November 2011

The following is a communication between me and SolaRa, a soul residing on the fifth astral level of our sun who I have come to know as one of my spiritual guides. :)  

Wes: I would now like to connect my energies with my guide SolaRa.

SolaRa: Hello dear Wesley, this is SolaRa. How are you doing on this wonderful and beautiful day?

Wes: Hello SolaRa, I am doing quite well thank you. Now, I know you are my guide, but suffice to say I have not talked with you very much. Continue reading