Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Find Your Shoes – 31 December 2012

gods20handGod said:

Have some mercy on yourself. You have been merciless when it comes to you. Even if you are one who boasts, you are trying to boost your spirits with a pretense. Your boasting is bravado. Better to admit your true evaluation of yourself. To be honest is merciful. It is good to know which floor you live on in the apartment of your self-evaluation. You have to get on the elevator from the floor you are on now.

Maybe there is no elevator. Maybe there are no floors. Maybe there is only one place you can be, and that is with Me. Yet, in terms of life on Earth, We can talk about floors and up and down and elevators and escalators.

You can exaggerate yourself in terms of the world. In terms of Who you really are, there is no exaggeration. You are a Child of God, and you are My beloved child, so, be it. Why not accept yourself as you really really are?

No more of this camouflage and subterfuge. Be straight out. Let yourself know Who you are. Let yourself know Who everyone is. Be yourself and no longer an imposter. You may have fooled everyone, and, yet, there is a part of you that knows. A part of you knows that you have been a charlatan on a stage that doesn’t exist. The existence you see does not exist — unless you are seeing beauty within and without. Of course, you do not fool Me for one minute, and, certainly not for a lifetime. Who are you kidding anyway?

You have been sent to Earth from Heaven. What does that make you? It makes you a messenger. Messengers from God are named angels, yet you hide your wings and you hide your halo when, all the while you are a wing-ed and haloed hallowed child. Whose child are you if not Mine?

No longer bind yourself to the bounds of Earth life. Free yourself of bounds. You are My boundless child, and you are to reflect Me. Reflect Me clearly. Wipe off the mirror you see yourself in, and you will begin to see clearly that you are Bright Light. Your eyes have been dimmed, not your light. Pull up the shades and reveal your One Self. Be the first to reveal your True Identity. Enough humbug. Enough misrepresentation. Stand in the True Light that is yours to stand in. You are a reflection of God. There you are. You are My good right arm. You reflect Me, and you represent Me. You are not at all the kind of person you thought you were. You are a Person with all the rights and privileges of a Child of God.

Get out of the playpen you put yourself in. Be the sun that shines everywhere. Hold up the Golden Light of yourself. No more costumes. You have had enough of costumes. Now you reveal yourself in your true colors. It is yourself that you are to reveal yourself to. You are the One Who has to know. It is yourself that you have deceived. Be a deceiver no longer. You have kept yourself in the dark long enough. Through you will I be known.

One day the world will notice Who you really are. Today is the day. I have waited long enough. Today is the day that the Sun of you casts its light. You are the One chosen to speak for Me on Earth, to live for Me, to light up the Earth with Me. You are a practitioner of love, so practice. Try on the shoes that are yours. Walk in them. Dance in them. Leap high in them.

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