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Russia Seeks Safe Haven In Gold, Away From Dollar And Euro – 15 August 2014

RT logoRussia is taking steps to ensure that it protects itself from any future dollar or euro sanctions. Moscow boasts the world’s 5th biggest foreign exchange reserves and the 6th largest gold reserves. In total, the assets amount to over $1.5 trillion.

While the West is continuing to try and punish Russia via economic sanctions, the response of the Russian Central Bank has been to diversify away from the euro and dollar – and to buy up more gold.

As the geopolitical situation in Ukraine deteriorates, Russia is moving to protect itself from currency risks associated with the euro and the greenback.

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Ferguson Cops Beat Innocent Man, Then Charged Him With Bleeding On Their Uniforms – 15 August 2014

RT logoThe officer-involved shooting death of teenager Michael Brown this week and the subsequent protests across the United States have rekindled interest in another case of alleged excessive force blamed on the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.

Nearly four years to the day before Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson opened fire and killed Brown, 18, a complaint filed in federal court accused the same law enforcement agency of violating the civil rights of a man who says he was badly beaten after being wrongly arrested, then later charged with “destruction of property” for bleeding on the uniforms of the cops alleged to have injured him.

On Friday, Michael Daly of The Daily Beast recounted the case of Henry Davis, an African-American welder who tried to sue the City of Ferguson after an autumn 2009 altercation with the same police department currently making headlines for the high-profile killing of Brown.

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Russia Launches China UnionPay Credit Card – 15 August 2014

RT logoForget Visa and MasterCard. After the two American credit system payment companies froze accounts without notice in March, Russia has been looking for an alternative in China UnionPay.

China UnionPay plans to have 2 million cards in Russia in the next three years.

Instead of seeing the small Visa and MasterCard logo on credits cards, ATMs, and retail outlets, Russians will start to see the three words “China. Union. Pay.”

China UnionPay first emerged in 2002 on the domestic Chinese market as an alternative to Visa and MasterCard, but quickly expanded internationally, and now is already number one in terms of quantity of cards in the world.

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Jim Self – Questions For Jim – Who Exactly Are The Elementals And What Is Their Purpose – 15 August 2014

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Steve Lendman – The Great Israeli Iron Dome Hoax – 15 August 2014

StevelendmanCall it a billion dollar + scam. Add another congressionally funded $225 million tax dollars. Expect millions more on request.
In April 2002, noted MIT physicist Theodore Postol headlined his Technology Review article “Why Missile Defense Won’t Work.”
The notion is more hoax than possibility. His reasoning was detailed and technical. What’s supposed to work doesn’t as claimed
Hitting and destroying a missile with another one isn’t possible. It may never be other than occasional lucky exceptions.

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Hyper Report – 140815 – No Free Lunch – 15 August 2014

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Magenta Pixie – The Stargate Keepers, The Halls Of Amenti And The Thirteenth Crystal Skull – 15 August 2014

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