Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 4 July 2012

BRICS and Agenda 21

Subject: BRICS and Agenda 21
Hello there Mr. Fulford. I’ve been following what you have to say for the last couple of years with great interest. I was wondering if you could comment on a link I found within the Indian Government’s Ministry of External Affairs website? The link is in regards to the BRICS group. The link basically references all of the stated goals of the Delhi declaration. I’m not a huge fan of Agenda 21 or any plans for global governance that trumps State/National sovereignty. In bullet point #31 inside the link, it appears that the BRICS group seems to agree with Agenda 21 and or be willing to implement/comply with it.I find it hard to put my faith in anyone who wants to implement/comply
with Agenda 21. Can you help me to understand how Agenda 21 benefits
humanity and why a group that believes in it should be in charge of
the world’s new financial system??

Here is the specific link I’m referring to. Any insight would be appreciated.





This is just to let you know that I do not know enough about agenda 21 at this point to form an informed opinion. I will start studying the issue.
What I can say at this point though is that cities as they currently exist are very dehumanizing and unpleasant environments and I believe they should all be covered in green, have flowing water and be filled with harmless wild creatures.

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