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Steve Beckow – To Serve The Light – 18 July 2012

To say that we’re lightworkers is to say that we serve the Light. And to say that we serve the Light is to say that we serve the Father/Mother God, which is the Light.

And to say we serve the Father/Mother God is to say that we emulate the divine qualities. God and His/Her qualities are not different. God and love are not different; God and peace; God and integrity. Continue reading


Lucas – A Picture Of Compassion, Where Love Meets Hope! – 18 July 2012


ENJOY AND GIVE THANKS FOR ALL . THE GOOD THINGS IN THIS AMAZING WORLD OF OURS! Thanks Peach and Mish. Will post a few pictures that need no words! Just remember you light and be compassioned, help and spread the love.

Love and Light, Lucas

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Scott Mowry – Worldwide Sea-Change Continues To Rapidly Unfold For The People Of The Earth – 18 July 2012

After America’s great Fourth of July holiday came and went, many were left feeling greatly disappointed that reports of impending mass arrests of the world-wide dark cabal by US military forces never materialized as had been anticipated.

US Pentagon still ready for mass arrests? Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Fire’s Of Leo’s Passion, The Ego And The Soul And My Maju!! Oh My!! – 18 July 2012

There is just so much I want to share today, what a power packed, information rich day yesterday was!!  If this isn’t Christmas… then nothing really is!!

Some people seek money, or love, or a sense of security… me, I live for further and deeper understandings of how we work as a spiritually conscious species and how can we understand our selves more and live richer lives because of it!

It rained understandings from beginning to end yesterday.  These are the days that just take my breath away! Continue reading

Wes Annac – Cahokia : An Ancient American Metropolis With Cosmic And Galactic Ties – Part 1 – 18 July 2012

Written by Wes Annac

The history we have been taught in our schools greatly differs from the truth of what has happened on our world. All around the world, ancient monuments and ruins of clearly advanced cities and in many cases, enormous structures that many note a strong, spiritual energy emanating from whenever visiting such places, have fascinated and captured the imagination of all who have discovered the truths of such things for ourselves. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Tragedy : Austerity … Up To But Not Including The Military And Other Elites – 18 July 2012

Greek citizens may suffer, but the country’s defence armoury is inviolate

Reversing rapidly away from pledges to try and hold out against more austerity measures, the Athens government of Antonis Samaras is now looking at  further cuts in pensions, health care and nursery schools. But already highly-paid military officers remain 100% untouched by salary reductions. The same is true of tax collectors, and even more of those working in the Greek Treasury and legal departments – who have seen rises in both pay and benefits since last January. As with every society, the powerful pay less. Continue reading

Drake – 4 Updates – 18 July 2012

An Open Letter to the United Nations (WRAM)
Posted on 07/18/2012
WRAM – We dedicate our hearts,minds and bodies to protecting our great Republic!

Check out the blog post ‘An open letter to the United Nations’ Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Disaster Report, Quakes, Spaceweather – 18 July 2012

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RT – Abby Martin – Occupy Protesters Take On Bohemian Grove – 18 July 2012

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Lucas – Still Not Believing Your Not Having A Say In Your Democracy? – 18 July 2012

After the Citizens United court case the unlimited spending by the corporations and wealthy is now sanctioned. People in USA do not see the real for what it is. Your democracy is ruled by capitalism and greed, lobbyist and corporations and not “We The People” and the real things that should be addressed.  You see corruption, interests entanglement, lobbying,  senators and congressmen and campaigning for funds for re-election as less time is  spent on Capitol Hill for the duties they are elected for and in keeping their oaths of office. Approximately 2 till 3 days they spent on the Hill. Reading the bills and amendments they should pass they do not.  Yes unread they vote on and pass bills that limit and steal the rights you have as sovereign beings. You should ask them what they voted on. You’d be surprised!  Continue reading