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Drake – Update – NWO Out From Under A Rock – 12 July 2012

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NAFTA on Steroids


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Activist Post – Andrew Puhanic – Australian Thought Police Target Free Speech – 11 July 2012

Australian health authorities have launched an attack on radio host Leon Pittard after a guest on his Fairdinkum Radio Show revealed the extent to which authorities are restricting free speech when it comes to discussing natural medicines.

The story began when Mr. Pittard posted an article and a podcast entitled “Australian government’s attack on health freedom,” which featured an interview between the radio host and Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. Continue reading

James Gilliland – ECETI Message From The Pleiadians – 11 July 2012

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Cobra – Portal 2012 – The Plan – 11 July 2012

The Plan

Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 11 July 2012

Remote sections of our overall plan are now being implemented in your world. We are taking note and watching over the continuing arrests of the many members of your criminal cabal and their underlings, and we see these arrests continuing smoothly and efficiently with no harm whatsoever coming to the courageous men and women on the front lines for you, the people of Earth. We are detecting a number of cabal agents and associates attempting to flee to avoid prosecution at this time. What we wish to do is contain these individuals and restrict their movements so as to better allow our Earth allies to move in and procure these arrests. How we wish to do this is a matter we will share directly with our Earth ally teams in the fields. We do not wish to tip our hats, as it were, and release this information to those who are targeted for these arrests. Continue reading

John Ward – Derivatives Rate Fixing : The Toxic ethics Of Michael Spencer – Would You Hand Over Control Of A $64 Trillion Financial Sector To This Man And Four Untrustworthy Banks? – 11 July 2012

Yesterday’s post about Iswap and its openness to broadscale derivative-rate manipulation was, more than anything else, asking questions on the ‘fit and proper people’ dimension. Given it’s a joint-venture company largely owned by four international banks – and given it answers to nobody for the veracity of its quoted rates – then in the light of Libor (Barclays) jiggery-pokery about Lehman Brothers (JP Morgan-Chase), or wobbliness (Bank of America), the criminal attitude and motive is there for all to see. Continue reading

Lucas – A Hell Lot Of A Matrix To Conceive – The Red Or The Blue One – 11 July 2012

Trust,  is with some ups and downs a factor now in finding your true way in conceiving the matrix.  It is like it is.  A game full of duality played out and you feeling in the middle of it being crushed. Continue reading

Lee Speigel – 65 Years Ago On 8 July – Roswell UFO Was Not Of This Earth And There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says – 11 July 2012

RoswellheadlineHappy anniversary, Roswell, N.M. It was 65 years ago today that the Roswell Daily Record blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured a flying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened. Continue reading

Global Voice 2012 Network Blogtalkradio – Drake – Mid-Week Update – 11 July 2012

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Lisa Gawlas – Removing The Veil To Open The Heart Of Life! – 11 July 2012

I feel like I am sleeping my way thru July.  I have never taken so many long naps close to every day since I was a child.  Yesterday was the topper tho, for this crazy sleep stuff.  I feel asleep about 2:30 in the afternoon, woke up at 8:30pm thinking it was morning since it was still daylight out… talk about disorienting.  Went back to sleep before 10pm and slept til after 4am this morning.  Geeeeeezzzzz!!  I don’t even know what a normal, or at least regular, sleep cycle is any longer!! Continue reading