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Lucas – Our Hearts Deepest Wishes Are Beginning To Manifest – 19 July 2012

Amongst the beginning to awaken  and awakened people the longing for things to change and happen is strongly felt. Energies creep in places you never imagined. They bring you the  incentives for change within and the start of your inner change. It opens for some also the for long still closed vaults of darkness of the own self.  All needs to transform and things that not suit your new energy signature anymore  have to let go of.  Continue reading


Euronews – Bundestag Approves Germany’s Part in Germany’s Part In Spain Bank Bailout – 19 July 2012

Euronews : Germany’s parliament has voted to approve Berlin’s contribution to an EU bailout for Spanish banks.

But the Bundestag ballot, which was widely expected to pass, was won despite deep worries over the rising costs to Germany of hundreds of billion euros in financial aid to its Mediterranean neighbours.

For the whole story and video go to : http://www.euronews.com link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – Opening The Golden Gates Of August Energy Requires Completion! – 19 July 2012

Man oh man are we getting walloped with energy!  Thru July we have been kneaded, blended, puree’d to the hilt… and now we are being baked and icing-ed.  Even tho the energy coming in at this moment is sweetening our pie, it is still exhausting none-the-less!!

Shortly after I connected to my last reading of the day yesterday, I could feel my brains starting to crumble.  This is becoming such a familiar energy in my head these days.  It is like one by one my neurons just unhinged and let go.  Tired rushes into the cranium and before I know it, my eyes are like lead and cannot stay open. Continue reading

A Voice Of Truth And Love – Five Year Old Shuts Down Armed Soldiers – 19 July 2012

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Germany’s Domestic Intelligence Agency Has Admitted To Destroying Even More Files Relating To The Right-Wing Extremist Scene – This Time On Orders From The Interior Ministry In Berlin. The Ministry Denies The Files Contained Any Clues About The Murderous National Socialist Underground Trio – 19 July 2012

Picture  German Interior Ministry.

(Lucas : I reported on Fromm being investigated as head of the homeland security of the Germans  in relation to his connection to Nazi Terrorists that murdered several people. The plot thickens  when now becomes clear files have been deleted or destroyed first with knowledge of Herr Fromm and now ordered also by the German minister of interior affairs.  Nobody can be sure of destruction of incriminating evidence in this way anymore. This makes the probability that  this rabbit hole goes down deep a fact. We will never know where it ends but for sure we can not lay trust in those that did this even in office with an investigation ongoing. That makes clear there is not only smoke here but a big fire looming underneath. It seems more people around the world are covering up their tracks in all sorts of cases as “We The People”  uncover or get presented the real truth about their evil actions and intent.) Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – 2012 Break Through Of Light – 19 July 2012


RT – Max Keiser – Keiser Report: Alien Bankers, Leave Earth Alone! – 19 July 2012

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Hazel – Chist Michael – Why? – 19 July 2012

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LA Times – Michael Hiltzik – Manipulation Of California Energy Market Gives Consumers A Jolt – 19 July 2012

The California Independent System Operator estimates that JPMorgan Chase & Co. may have gamed the state’s power market for $57 million in improper payments over six months in 2010 and 2011. Continue reading

Michael Tsarion – The Irish Origins Of Civilization – (6 Parts Video) – 19 July 2012

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(Lucas : If you read the Montague Keen channelings on my blog by Veronica Keen then you know there is a lot of talk about Ireland being the origin of our history and civilization. Here is Michael Tsarion in his research given his insights. Thanks To Rain – TGFP for pointing this out to me!) Continue reading