John Ward – The Paedofile: Only The Nutters Can Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of A Victory For Real Parents – 19 June 2013


John WardProfessional conspiracy loons do favours for themselves alone

Today’s edition is the a mix of unbelievable defences, disturbing evidence, and – not something I indulge in that much – criticising those whose determination to see paedophilia in everything is, as always, just one of the many factors holding back detection of the real thing.

I have never been shy about outing the lunatic fringe of self-styled paedophile catchers. It’s been obvious to me for nearly two years now that those genuinely involved in amoral denial of systemic abuse rely on a certain number of paranoiacs per month sounding off with wild and completely unfounded accusations. This enables them to justify bizarre decisions, policies and actions by writing off the entire campaign against sexual sadism as ‘rumour and innuendo’ put about by the swivel-eyed.

The tendency I’m talking about is that one typified by Brian Gerrish and his huge army of disciples. For some reason, I attracted Brian’s attention last week. He sent what I would call a politely accusatory email ending with some phrase or other about “Don’t you want to know the truth?” The goading tone of this bollocks never varies, and is in turn ‘backed up’ with guff about “all you do is parrot the nonsense put out by the MSM”. This is the reply I sent back:

“Dear Mr Gerrish

I am always interested in the truth. If you give me the evidence for your accusations, I will gladly print it with a high-profile credit for you.
However, for the record I must be frank with you. I think 95% of your stuff is opinion masquerading as truth. I think Common Purpose are a bunch of wankers, but I do not see them as the next Stasi. I have viewed several videos of your presentations, and find them far short of convincing. I have met many of your disciples from Plymouth all the way to Wrexham and over to Humberside. A disturbingly high proportion of them strike me as somewhat deranged.
Yours sincerely

John Ward”

Unsurprisingly, Gerrish’s response was to accuse me of, yes, “simply repeating mainstream news reports”.

A few days later, another email pinged in to Slogger’s Roost. This time the goading took on another familiar form: “your site is really a cover for False Flag information” and “there are rumours that you’re really a paedophile yourself”.

We all need to think hard about this kind of nuttiness. For example, if Michael Gove goes home some evenings and reads a veritable shoal of such fish-brained codswallop, his attitude towards limiting the ability to complain and accuse about sexual abuse becomes entirely understandable.

The problem is that both Gove and Gerrish are wrong. They both have agendas, and agendas are the last thing those genuinely out to expose the routinely hidden child-bullying psychotics in our society need. We have instead a simple goal: to apply equality before the Law in this, such a central issue for everyone who thinks our children should be able to keep their innocence – without the constant fear that some well-heeled Hitler might use his dick to ravage it for his own twisted satiation.

The Gerrish tendency demands to see everything as a tightly-huddled conspiracy being maliciously carried out by Knights Templar, Common Purpose, Zionist Elders, Fourth Reich Nazis – or any other fringe group they feel can be blown out of all proportion. But this isn’t what happens when a threatened social group reacts to being targeted.

I know about this, because as a reasonably well-off Baby-boomer I have clearly been targeted for serial burglary by the Megargoyles. So, what I and tens of thousands like me have been doing since the Cyprus heist is moving dosh offshore, into smaller amounts in multiple accounts, and looking hard at what assets might yet be manipulated or stolen by Geithner Diamond Associates.

But our decision to do that is not, repeat not a conspiracy: it is the concerted action of a group of individuals with key things in common. A concerted action isn’t a plot, it’s a logical defence by a loosely associated group. At the very inner core of paedophilial sex abuse in the UK are the retail providers…and I doubt if even they are joined-up multiple retailers of child sex trafficking. Outside of them, we are often dealing with opportunists who see places to hide, defences to suggest, privileges to use, and apertures to exploit.

Only evidenced, hard facts and sane pressure on the privileged élites are going to achieve the breakthrough: infantile and malicious drivel only arms the other side.

Herewith some disturbing evidence….as so often these days, from the Exaro Team. The question being raised by their latest report is, why is Government funding being cut off from a group that helps victims of child sex abuse – even though its founder was awarded an MBE last Saturday? It’s a query every bit as straightforward and damning as ‘Why did the Met raid an organisation that helps victims of child sex abuse….but er, not any of the clubs, Westminster Groups and bordellos actually committing the abuse?’

Graham Wilmer was doffed by Her Maj last week in recognition of his work for the Lantern Project, a charity providing eclectic support to those who were sexually abused as kids. But in that same week, Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne told the UK media that “Home Office budgets for Lantern will now cease”. There are shades of the Cameron/Armed Forces cuts in this: “Yes, we should honour our War Dead and these brave chaps who got their legs blown off in Afghanistan because we wanted to show solidarity with the Yanks, without the proper helicopters so to do….but sod it, they’re fired”.

And yes, that most certainly does require some form of credible explanation. Do we really want to defend the country we love? Do we really want to protect the children we love? Aaah, er, I’m glad you asked that question, because, ahaaa, erm, that is to say, of course, but then….

Finally, a Slogger writes in with some genuine facts about the sexual abuse of children (systemic or otherwise) and finds me in agreement with the following points being made:

* The vast majority of child abusers and their victims are intimately related in some way. The perpetrators are usually family members, family friends or adults who are closely associated with the victims; e.g. school teachers.

* Most victims would hate to see their intimates vilified publicly – particularly given that such vilification would undoubtedly have disastrous consequences for their own families and intimate circles.

As I’ve written before, for these and other reasons kids are loathe to go to the authorities. I have very little doubt the that vast majority of sexual assaults are carried out in this context….and remain undetected for these reasons. I desperately want to see the police educated more about the nature of this social silence. But even if some if the innuendo circulating about political figures is malign gossip, just as much of it isn’t.

Rather than defending their often bullying tribe, I would like to see pols both admitting to their rotten apples….and accepting that the society for which they claim to be responsible has grossly anti-social practices that must be stamped out.

Is that really too much to ask? / link to original article

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