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Scientists Discover Tiny Solar Panels That Create Themselves (September 2010) – 24 June 2013

(Lucas : Nature as example is seen in the article that follows. I have already predicted energy paints some years ago as nano-tech in bio-chemistry and nano electronics  already is big some years now. The developments of all sorts of bio-chemical processes in cells,  bacteria and fungi or even small amobe like creatures are studied and used to benefit hopefully us.  If nature makes it already in deep seas possible for bacteria to live without oxygen and we know already so much about all sorts of new processes, there is bound to be a new range of things to come. We have already bacteria in use in our waste water cleaning and for cleaning up oil pollution and other pollutants. We already know bacteria that produce electro fuels. We see already nano-tech and nano-bio-chemistry that can make energy paints possible. We need also to be careful not to have nano-tech that artificially takes over natures processes by polluting or interfering with the ecological balance of bio sphere earth. The nano-tech needs to be compatible with and without consequences to nature. We will see a growth in  scientific news  as the technology and discoveries and possibilities grow exponentially. Lots of this so-called newly discovered stuff is already some time around and could mean free energy and free fuels, free…  Free is now hidden in secret labs or hidden behind patents and or doors of secret military industrial complex facilities.  The discoveries are and have been prevented to be used as free technology is becoming more a word that needs to be reckoned with as free for all is the future and key to our new paradigm we are creating together. Our world needs to be for all not for the benefit of  the few.) Continue reading


I UV – Update 22 Hrs German-Time Regarding G8 Meeting And Obama-Merkel Meeting – 24 June 2013

swiss.blue.250w.140hPublished June 20, 2013


Know to all man, Participant’s & Beneficiary with the People on Earth

Ref: Release Unlimited AD452106/66/C.P1-11/ECB/2013

To: Big Top Royal, K.681 King of King’s M-1 MR.S1.SINO.AS.S”2″.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO,ST.

R E P O R T Subject: Update 22hrs German-Time Regarding G8 Meeting and Obama-Merkel Meeting Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – A Message Of Love, Gratitude & An Update From Bob – 24 June 2013

A Message of Love, Gratitude & an Update from Bob

June 24, 2013

First of all, I can’t even begin to express how genuinely moved I am by all the incredibly amazing, inspiring and heart felt feedback I’ve received on my most recent post, A Journey Into the Sahara. To hear that it touched the hearts and Souls of so many, brings such a profound sense of Joy and Love to my entire BEing, once again it renders me utterly speechless. I knew I felt the presence of a much larger Soul family than the nine of us out in the dunes on that fateful night. But to hear it from so many of you…well that just brings tears to my eyes and pays further recognition that we were ALL there and locked into the same Absolute frequency. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – Unauthorized Genetically-Modified Flax Found To Have Been Exported To More Than 30 Countries Around The World – 24 June 2013

GMO-No2-300x130(NaturalNews) Illegal genetically-modified (GM) wheat is not the only surprise transgenic crop being discovered unexpectedly on the commercial market. As it turns out, a long-abandoned variety of GM flax known as FP967 has reportedly been identified in at least 30 countries worldwide over the past few years, a discovery that has greatly stifled the Canadian flax market, which supplies most of the world’s flax. Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 687 – Sibel Edmonds Blows The Whistle On Government Blackmailing – 24 June 2013

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

In this remarkable conversation, Sibel Edmonds reflects on Russ Tice’s recent revelations to Boiling Frogs Post and The Corbett Report that the NSA has wiretapped top government officials for years. Edmonds discusses from her own experience how the FBI collects dirt on Congressman and public officials for use as political leverage. We also talk about how this scandal proves that there is no “official channel” for whistleblowers to follow when they want to expose wrondoing because the system is being controlled from behind the scenes by the criminals in the national security establishment.

www.corbettreport.com / link to original article

Laura Bruno – Lessons In Negatiation – 24 June 2013

laura brunoI’ve had an interesting few days observing similar dynamics happening all over the human world, as well as in the Faery Realm. It appears that those who refuse to negotiate or who insist on increasing their demands would do well to recognize that consequences arise from such refusals. I’ve witnessed this play out in various people’s employment situations, as well as politically. When you push and push and push, eventually the pushed decide they have nothing left to restrain them. Or the Universe steps in on behalf of the pushed. Or instant karma — the Law of Cause and Effect — steps in with a dramatic lesson. Continue reading

Wes Annac – SanJAsKa And The Pleiadian Council Of Nine : Begin Taking Your Power Back – 24 June 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Every one of you is a Divine channel for the energies of the higher realms to come through, and we’ve always wished for you dear souls to know this.

We‘ve always wished for you to understand that you come from brimming higher dimensions, wherein the difficulty you experience on the Earth simply cannot exist. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Dear Chaco, Come What May – 24 June 2013

chacoI am responding to you

My answer is ‘yes’

I will meet you where hearts

And dimensions intersect

You came to me so long ago Continue reading

AscendingSpiralsOfUnderstanding – Excerpt From A Letter To A friend – 24 June 2013

From my current perspective, it feels like I’m only now beginning to see what this journey is all about. When it began, I very much thought it was about ‘Becoming.’ Although it wasn’t clear exactly what I was going to become, I felt very strongly that by launching myself abroad and taking such a massive leap of faith I was embarking on a journey that would result in radical self-transformation. In retrospect, there was a flavor of desperation in the way I set out on this path – perhaps similar to our stereotypical idea of a man’s mid-life crisis: he leaves his wife and kids, buys a motorcycle, and tries to forge a new identity because (for whatever reason) he can’t accept the one he has. Continue reading

Sophia Love – The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth – 24 June 2013

https://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/b1ca0-hose.jpgThese words may or may not speak to you.  They concern things I’ve seen in me as well as others close to me these last few days.  The intent is to shed some light on what feels unsettling and dark.  I hope it is a help to you.

Each summer since I was a little girl I’ve wondered “Where does the water come from?  And what is holding it back?”  This happens around hoses.  In a matter of seconds, this lightweight, empty hose in my hand transforms into a heavy one, holding a flood of coursing, rushing water.  This could only occur if the water was there all along, waiting to be released. With just the slightest adjustment of the handle, I find myself drenched. Continue reading