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RemovingTheShackles – D – Urgent Exchange Of Value Required – 4 June 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesD is off-line at the moment (NOT in Ethiopia, LOL) and has asked me to post this article as it is time-sensitive and can’t wait for her to be back online. Continue reading


SGTReport – Biggest Gold Mine In The World Shutdown – Is This The Catalyst Gold Has Been Waiting For? – 4 June 2013

from Seeking Alpha:

In an earlier article we laid out the case for the importance of annual gold mining production and how it heavily influences the supply picture of physical gold. Gold mining companies have been having a tough time controlling gold costs, and the true all-in costs of an average ounce of gold is now being produced at close the $1300 per ounce. Even with the price of gold averaging more than $1600 per ounce in 2012, total gold production was down for the miners we researched, which encompassed more than 25% of total annual gold production.

Higher premiums are still present from Dubai to Shanghai, U.S. Mint sales have been breaking records, and other mints and refiners are producing gold coins and bars round the clock to meet demand for physical metal. Counterintuitively, the market price of gold has been dropping even as we see the highest amount of physical demand in years.

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www.sgtreport.com / link to original article

I UV – Our Minds Are No Longer Leading The Way…Our Hearts KNOW The Way – 4 June 2013

18980.original.jpgOur Minds are No Longer Leading the Way… Our hearts KNOW The Way

As we transition to a Global Awakening of Oneness, many are finding it difficult to work through the painful contrasts of daily struggles. Whether it’s debt, depression, loneliness or other aspects of fear, our ability to stay centered seems challenged.

How can we move out of our head and into our hearts – allowing us to thrive, not just survive.T his was the topic of a brief audio-recorded conversation between three people who wanted to share their experience in making such a transition. Continue reading

CBCNews – Carolyn Dunn – BMO Settles With Most In Alberta Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit – 160 Parties Were Sued Over Alleged Mortgage Fraud – 4 June 2013

For the video click  link

The Bank of Montreal has settled with all but a handful of the 160 parties it sued in connection with a sprawling case of alleged mortgage fraud in Alberta, CBC News has learned.

The bank first detected a problem in 2006, when bank officials detected “irregularities” in some mortgages. Forensic accountants were hired to review the transactions, and the bank ultimately sued hundreds of people in connection with the alleged fraud. Continue reading

Meg Benedict – What Is 5D Quantum Living, And How Do I Get There? – 4 June 2013

What is 5D Quantum Living, and How Do I Get It?The upcoming Solstice on June 21st welcomes a phase of inner reflection as Jupiter’s annual transit moves into Cancer at the same time that Mercury Retrogrades thru Cancer till mid-July. Get ready for a ‘touchy-feely’ summer, as the cosmos shines a spotlight on our deeper sensory Self. We have at this particular time the healing balm of compassion and strong water element to dissolve the past. Any remaining emotional attachment chords to the past hold us entangled in the dying 3D Matrix. This summer is the perfect opportunity to cut all emotional chords and entanglement with residual grief, sadness, loss and disappointment. Set yourself free! Continue reading

Kate Rene Speaks To Freedom Central – 4 June 2013

Uploaded on 4 June 2013 by rich freedomcentral We were delighted to get to know the fabulous Kate Rene A.K.A. Kate of Gaia, when we were invited onto her show.
Never passing up the opportunity to interview someone thoroughly interesting, we recently spoke to the hottest voice on the alternative air waves, about her life, her sexuality, and her views on humanity
Kate hosts daily show on Critical Mass Radio, so tune in to her there.

BrianKelly’sBlog – GW Hardin : DNA & The Dance Of Darkness & Light Human Omnipotence In Harmony – 4 June 2013


Scotland’s Children – 4 June 2013

Uploaded on 4 June 2013 by scottishsov Scotland’s children- Every child in Scotland is now to have a state guardian? – And are we ok with this ?

Lucas – Energetics – Identifying Positions – Coming To The Table In Peace – 4 June 2013

It is like I have said on some occasions before the energetics of everyone will  show positions.  In the past we said follow the money. Now it is the energy signature we follow. This energy sent out will let us know what is resonates and is in line of  the new to come  and what not.

It would be nice if we all would be just in our neutral vibrational frequency all sitting on a comfortable fence viewing all that was on both sides of the fence with a smile.  Whatever you have been doing on either side of the polarity spectrum  it is now time to find the balance again without fighting or hurting each other.  It is time to find your way into unity and unity with all. Still we see powers searching for that was is gone.  Just clinging onto power and  financial structures or alternatives they seek for the same. That what has controlled energetics in all in this world will not be allowed again.  We are free beings that can not be unwillingly consciousnes or unconsciously  controlled. Continue reading

John Ward – Ben Fellows & The Downing Street Two : News Manipulation Moves On. – 4 June 2013

John WardWhy in 2013, no news is bad news

While vaguely of the opinion that Ben Fellows’ ‘disappearance’ is another example of a cunning stunt – and still being unclear as to the real flag beneath which he serves – I do find it quite extraordinary that as far as I can tell, not a single MSM title or news station in the UK of which I’m aware has even acknowledged the ‘story’, let alone written anything about it. But then, disappearance is becoming such a commonplace thing now, it’s quite possible that most newspaper editors regard it as akin to Mourinho’s return to Chelsea in terms of a fresh news genre. Continue reading