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IntelliHub – Giant Louisiana Sinkhole “Now A 22.4-Acre Opening” – 27 June 2013

https://i0.wp.com/intellihub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/sinkhole-300x167.jpgA giant sinkhole in Louisiana has been slowly expanding, and now has a 22.4 acre opening with a total size of 49 acres.

(photo: IB Times)

By JG Vibes
June 26, 2013 Continue reading


Infinite Waters – 7 Ways To Increase Your Energy, Fitness And Life Force! – 27 June 2013

Uploaded on 27 June 2013 by Kemetprince1 We Are Limitless! Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below: t p://www.infinitewaters.net/books

ITCCS.org – Public Order To Comply Issued To Catholic Clergy – 27 June 2013

Uploaded on 26 June 2013 by infiniLor Catholic clergy are ordered to make a public oath to protect children and refuse to enforce the criminal church law called Crimen Sollictationas, or face public banishment and arrest. Issued June 27, 2013 by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. http://www.itccs.org

PressTV – UN Security Council Votes To Remove Iraq From Chapter 7 Of Charter – 27 June 2013

kaffash20130627175403723A view of the United Nations Security Council

Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:12PM GMT
The UN Security Council has voted to remove Iraq from Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, unanimously agreeing to lift the UN sanctions imposed on Baghdad following the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by the executed dictator Saddam Hussein. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – D – Bob Walks In The Desert – 27 June 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesHere is the Video footage of Bob’s journey to walking in the Desert.  I just watched it all for the first time a few minutes ago and the emotions are overwhelming me.  Love you my brother Bob!!  Huge thanx to Lisa for getting this put together for us. Continue reading

Ayako Sekino – Vision For A New Earth – 3 Parts Video – 27 June 2013

Part 1: Uploaded 16 May 2011 by  Ayako Sekino Continue reading

Reclaim Your Mind – Terence McKenna – 27 June 2013

Uploaded on 13 February 2013 by KashKhanTV Join us on fb @ http://www.facebook.com/EducateInspireChange
An amazing message that should resonate with all people. Rate, Comment and share if you enjoy. Thanks
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Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel For July 2013 – Seeing Through The Eyes Of An Expanded Consciousness – 27 June 2013

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst.  We bring you Love and greetings from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation.

The energy has changed and moved to a higher frequency.  It is vibrating at a much higher level.  Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Excellent Lyme Disease Article In The New Yorker – 27 June 2013

laura brunoA major score for Lyme and co-infected patients, Lyme Literate MD’s and those people looking to learn enough about ticks to avoid infection: The New Yorker has published a six-page article detailing Lyme Disease, co-infections, controversial treatments, the difficulty of diagnosis, as well as tips for avoiding ticks. The article also gives neutral to positive attention to Dr. Horowitz, an LLMD in the Hudson Valley area. Continue reading

John Ward – Corruption Headlines: No Time For Detail – 27 June 2013

John WardThere is so much madness, rigging, sleaze, cover-up and graft coming into the mainstream domain today, it’s best I just give you the headlines plus a short precis, and then let you read in full for yourselves. As always, effusive and sincere thanks go to the army of Sloggers who now account for some 83% of all stories featured here starting life.

Huffpost: something some of us have hinted at for years, but which is now being leaked and acknowledged widely: how Leveson turned a blind eye to the 90% mainstream of phone hacking….and how the cops have been willing accomplices for a long time. Continue reading