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Maarten Horst – ET First Contact Radio – 3 Video Interviews – 26 June 2013

ET-FIRST CONTACT ON BBS-RADIO avatarET First Contact Radio with Aniela Michaela Michael

Uploaded on 26 June 2013 by Maarten Horst Aniela Michaela Michael speaks about the forces of light and dark in a very deep and profound manner. Please donate to keep ET-First Contact Radio going: PayPal to maartenhorst@zeelandnet.nl Thanks, Love and Light. Continue reading


United Kingdom Stops “Smart”Meter Installations – 26 June 2013

On May 10, the UK Government announced
that ‘smart’ meter installations throughout
the country will be delayed by more than a year
due to serious health and medical concerns.

This news has been completely censored
by US news media outlets.

Normally, anything coming out of the UK
is trumpeted all over the US news media
especially NPR…but not this time. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Be Still And Show The Ways – 26 June 2013

dreamworld-mature-river-forest-sunlight-Favim.com-471287(Picture by http://www.favim.com)
Music to read by below:

Wow! Information leaks are gushing free as if a dam had broken somewhere upstream. We are witnessing great bravery at this time as well. Whistle Blowers coming forth for the good of mankind knowing they will probably pay the ultimate price somewhere down the road. A furious call of ‘Traitor’ has been cast upon their heads, when in fact most of Washington itself are traitors and should be behind bars. We seem to be witnessing the imprisonment of the wrong people time and time again. It makes ones frustration levels rise to a feverish pitch at times. Continue reading

Spaceweather 102: NASA’s ENLIL Spiral – The Right Panel Explained [June.25.2013] – 26 June 2013

Uploaded on 25 June 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

EneNews – TV : Alert Issued After Fire At U.S. Nuclear Site – “Trigger For Fire May Have Actually Happened Hours Before” – 26 June 2013

enelogoTitle: Alert issued at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for small fire Source: WBIR Date: June 24, 2013
The U.S. Department of Energy said a small fire ignited in one of the rooms at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Authorities issued an alert Sunday at 11:45 p.m. after a fire alarm went off, activating the room’s sprinkler system. When ORNL firefighters arrived, they saw smoke in the building and reported the fire had been extinguished. Continue reading

AscensionPioneers – Inner Power: Balancing The Masculine & The Feminine – 26 June 2013

Uploaded on 25 June 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Plants Do Arithmetic At Night – 26 June 2013

sproutsThanks to: http://www.earth-heal.com

I know this sounds crazy but read the article. It’s fascinating. How arrogant man has been to think we were above the plant world. Time for humanity to eat crow and join forces with the environment instead of fighting it!  www. oneworldrising.wordpress.com/ link to article

John Ward – Crash 2 : Draghi Implicated As Italy Faces Cyprus Template – 26 June 2013

dragrakeptSnake hit by rake: Draghi rumours of malpractice in 1990s and 2012 resurface…looking more solid

A report submitted earlier this year to the Corte dei Conti, Italy’s state auditors, suggests not only that Italy faces a potentially massive derivatives hit, but also that Mario Draghi may be personally implicated in those and other frauds. In particular, several appear to have been central to Italy gaining entry to the eurozone in 1999….based on clearly falsified data. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Monsanto Hypocrisy : GMO’s Supposedly Identical To Natural Crops On Safety, But Unique For Patent Enforcement – 26 June 2013

monsanto(NaturalNews) The biotechnology industry has pulled a fast one with regards to the legitimacy of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Straddling both sides of the fence, multinational corporations like Monsanto continually claim that their GM monstrosities are “substantially equivalent” to natural crops when it comes to their safety. And yet at the very same time, this ilk also insists that its products are uniquely different from natural crops when it comes to enforcing its patents, a clearly hypocritical and duplicitous stance that proves the illegitimacy of the entire GMO business model.On its corporate website, Monsanto clearly expresses its opinion that GMOs are no different from natural crops, and thus do not need to be independently safety tested. This a highly convenient position for the company to take, as it facilitates the unlimited propagation of untested GMOs under the guise that they are indistinguishable from any other crop in the natural world. And this is Monsanto’s official position on GMOs, mind you, and the one that the company stands by in defending its refusal to conduct long-term GMO safety tests on humans.But if GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to non-GMOs, then how can Monsanto hold enforceable patents on any of its products? After all, GMOs and non-GMOs are exactly the same, right? Not exactly. When it comes to enforcing patents on its “Frankencrops,” Monsanto holds a much different position on the substantial equivalence of its products and natural products. For purposes of generating tens of billions of dollars annually from patent royalties, Monsanto adamantly insists that GMOs are uniquely different from non-GMOs. Continue reading