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Judy Sartori – Full Moon Transmission – June – 26 Jun 2013

judy_satoriMary Magdalene: Following the guidance of Soul Wisdom

Energy transmission to activate Loving Strength

There is always a way – there just has to be a WILL

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Al-Monitor – Turkey Quietly Signs Oil Deal With Iraqi Kurds – 25 June 2013

Photo of  Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz during an interview in Ankara, Sept. 19, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Umit Bektas) The article beneath  is from 20 June 2013 and published 23 June 2013

As the conflict between the Iraqi central government and the Northern Iraq Kurdistan Regional Government [KRG] continues over the sharing of oil, Turkey is reported to have quietly signed an oil partnership deal with the KRG. The deal is seen as proof of that Turkey is elevating its cooperation with the Iraqi Kurdistan region to level of international partnership, despite the objections of the Baghdad government. Continue reading

Inside Anglo – The Secret Recordings – Exclusive: Tapes Reveal The Lies And Deception That Led To The Bank Bailout – 25 June 2013


Paul Williams Special Correspondent – 24 June 2013

TAPE RECORDINGS from inside doomed Anglo Irish Bank reveal for the first time how the bank’s top executives lied to the Government about the true extent of losses at the institution.

The astonishing tapes show senior manager John Bowe, who had been involved in negotiations with the Central Bank, laughing and joking as he tells another senior manager, Peter Fitzgerald, how Anglo was luring the State into giving it billions of euro. Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren – Just Take It , Said Hank Paulson To The Banks – 25 June 2013

Uploaded 20 May 2013 by julie partney ( Thanks to Jean – www.jhaines6.wordpress.com)

John Ward – Angela Merkel : She’s Changing Horses Again – 25 June 2013

merkfrownThe Führerin drifts towards euscepticism. We must ask. “Why?”

Merkel….the power and the glory

When two contacts in Germany said to me recently (without collusion) that I should keep an eye on the speeches of Angela Merkel, I listened. They’re both people I respect, and in the past had helped me with the murky process of getting beyond the disinformation about Merkel’s DDR past. One of the two in particular said something last week, the gist of which was, “Your theory that Germany will leave the eurozone before anyone is supported if you listen carefully to what she’s starting to say”. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Topsey Turvey – 25 June 2013

art-beautiful-canada-cool-Favim.com-622617(Lucas : I gonna make a big discernment notice on this article with the video link in it. It easily can be set up as deception as it is to get us again into fear. This is why I do not belief the most as said. As always in misinformation is always a bit of truth also. I see it as fear mongering.)

(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

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This is a very short post today. I am twisted around in many directions and I find it extremely hard to find the correct words to write. I need peace in the world around me and it is so hard to find except in my own space, but I am weary of being forced to stay within the confines of my space to have that peace. Continue reading

Forbes – John Matonis – Bitcoin Foundation Receives Cease And Desist Order From California – 25 June 2013

Bitcoin[Disclosure: Author serves on Board of Directors for Bitcoin Foundation.]

Directly following last month’s Bitcoin 2013 conference event in San Jose, CA that brought decent revenue into the state, California’s Department of Financial Institutions decided to issue a cease and desist warning to conference organizer Bitcoin Foundation for allegedly engaging in the business of money transmission without a license or proper authorization. Continue reading