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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua: Embrace Your Multidimensionality – 20 June 2013


Hello my dear ones. On this beautiful day I come to you bearing tidings of immense love and promise, for you have reached yet another marker for your development and transformation into the Celestial and Galactic Beings that you are.

Take stock now, dear ones. You are not what you were yesterday and tomorrow you will not be what you were today. And so it goes, as you greet the solstice and super moon energies with sheer openness and courage to not accept the old ways of doing things and to embrace the new once and for all. Continue reading


Laura Bruno – 7 Discernment Reminders – 20 June 2013

laura brunoAs the veils come down, more smoke and mirrors vie to take their place. I feel called to post some reminders for people to use when evaluating the truth or intentions of any Movement, press release, religion, financial system or community group — not to make you paranoid, just some reminders to keep your wits about you in this age of coup counter coup.

BTW, “coup counter coup” can refer to government or other authority replacement, but it can also refer to what happens to your brain when it sloshes around your skull causing brain injury even with no external impact. A symbolism worth considering in this psyop infused world… ;) Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – Our System, Our Structure, Our Illusion, Documentary – 20 June 2013

Our System. Our Structure. Our Illusion. Documentary

June 20, 2013

This is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen on exposing Truth behind Corporate Governance. For anyone who doubts the fraudulent and corrupt nature of the now failing systems that have plagued and controlled every aspect of our lives and the world we live in, put this in their face (politely of course) and see what they have to say. Good news is, we are the generation who get to enjoy watching it all come crashing down. ~BK

P.S. It’s a bit long but oh so very worth the watch!

www.briankellysblog.blogspot.com.au / link to original article

D Interviews Caleb On Project XIII Questions – 20 June 2013

Uploaded on 20 June 2013 by Keimpe de Jong D interview with Caleb on project XIII http://i-uv.com/questions-for-ds-inte…

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 326 – Solstice Message – 20 June 2013

aishanorthAs you are perhaps aware of, tomorrow (June 21) is another pivotal day for your planet. For once again the sun will make another announcement in her perpetual journey around your globe. Or rather, it is not the sun, but your planet who will reach an apex of her yearly travels around your shining sister, and as such, you will reach what is referred to as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. And then, you will all be able to savour the longest day of the year, before the balance starts to tip the other way, and the days will once again start to shorten. Of course, for those of you living on the opposite end of this beautiful planet, you will be able to savour the thought that it is your turn to look forward to the lengthening of the days from then on. Continue reading

Nathalie Glasson – Archangel Metatron – Creating Space For The New Era – 20 June 2013

natalie glasson‘I am aligned as one with the Creator; I choose conscious awareness of the Creator as my eternal existence and experience.

With peace within my being flows the eternal welcoming of conscious attentiveness to the Creator within and around me.

I am the truth that I seek, I allow myself to dissolve the pattern of seeking, I allow it to be replaced with a connected knowingness that flows throughout every cell of my entire being. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – Media Credibility In Collapse : Less Than One-Fourth Of Americans Trust Newspapers – 20 June 2013

(NaturalNews) Trust in America’s mainstream media is continuing its downward cycle, falling to new lows in recent years as major newspapers lose more and more credibility.

According to a recent Gallup survey, “Americans’ confidence in newspapers fell slightly to 23 percent this year, from 25 percent in 2012 and 28 percent in 2011.” The previous recorded low was 22 percent in 2007, so clearly the trend has begun another downward slide. What’s more, newspapers rank right down there with other notable U.S. institutions – like Congress. Per Gallup: Continue reading

InvestmentWatch – Panic Mode On : Bernanke And China Refuse To DUMP More Money Into Market! DOW OFF 200+ Points! – 20 June 2013

InvestmentWatchSilver is getting destroyed, and now has done an incredible round trip.

It surged in 2010, and went parabolic, and now it’s pretty much given up all of it.

From FinViz:

http://www.businessinsider.com/silver-is-getting-crushed-and-has-made-an-incredible-round-trip-2013-6 Continue reading

John Ward – BREAKING – Gold Collapses As Slog Prediction Fulfilled In 24 Hrs – 20 June 2013

gold20613Precious metal plummets through $1300

From yesterday’s Slog:

‘Gold is still due at least one more big fall while the manipulators and hedge funds get their post-Armageddon ducks in a row….Two weeks ago, gold was gyrating around in the $1380-90 apartment. It’s now on the floor below at $1350-70. Some time very soon, I expect to see it fall through $1330 and keep going down to the reception area.’

Stay tuned. Let’s see what it does when New York opens.

www.hat4uk.wordpress.com / link to original article

Lisa Gawlas – Blending…Fills The Open Chalice With Seeds Of Wholeness – 20 June 2013

jellyfish-energy-cellsI remember when I first started this path and started to be able to hold my own in a state of meditation, I decided then, the first thing I wanted to learn how to do, was channel.  I would read inspirational things, hopeful things from entities and spirits and I wanted to bring that kind of message forth too.  The moment I decided I wanted to do “that” my first Pleiadian, Franklyn, showed up within meditation.  His energy field was distinct, very much beyond my own… vibrationally speaking.  He spoke of pesky things like unconditional love, non-judgement and trust.  I could feel his presence when I sat at the computer to type his messages.  I could hear him as he spoke, while he simultaneously working my fingers on the keyboard.  He not only shared incredible, hopeful messages, he became my constant teacher.  An entity, a loving vibration beyond myself. Continue reading